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Sams Foul Mudamas Fava Bean Dip

What you need: 

1 can Foul Mudamas (**see procedure)
garlic paste, salted (to taste)
1/2 lemon
olive oil, to taste
pita bread

What you do: 

**Please read procedure first because it contains important notes by Osama. This text was taken from a conversation on the Q&A Board (with permission): You mean to ask What the heck IS foul mudamas? It is fava beans soaked and pickled (for lack of a better word) in a special way and it is prepared in a variety of ways. Palestinians like myself press it or crush it, after bringing it to a boil, until it becomes almost pasty; actually more like Taco Bels refried beans consistency and texture. It is howe'ver a thousand times better than refried beans. In Egypt you can buy a pot of this stuff thatll feed a big family for pennies; of course it needs to be crushed and garlic paste and lemon juice added to it. You then pour copious amounts of extra virgin olive oil on it and dig in with vegan pita bread. Yummmm!!! NOTE: You can also buy it at Arab or international grocery stores in cans.
Pour the Foul Mudamas into a small pot along with its own water and bring to a boil. Pour the foul mudamas into a bowl that contains garlic paste (crush the garlic but only after you have sprinkled a little bit of salt on the garlic. This will insure that the garlic becomes soupy and consistent instead of ground in tiny pieces. There is actually a special tool to crush the garlic but I don't know the name of it).
Crush the fava beans to a near Taco Bell refried beans consistency. Squeeze in 1/2 lemon and mix it all up. You can also squeeze the lemon on the garlic before you add the foul but it makes it harder to crush it all. You may use a juice mixer to grind the foul and the garlic if you like. Just make sure you get it all and not lose some of it to the mixer and that the foul has been brought to a boil.
Make a circle groove in the foul and pour olive oil into it to taste. Experiment with the amount of olive oil. Like me, you may find lots of olive oil to be more to your liking.
Heat vegan pita bread in the oven until they start to puff up. Make sure you good authentic Arabic pita and not the pathetic dry stuff they have at the usual grocery stores. I don't think you'll find good peta at HFS either. Find yourself an Arabic or International store. If you live near a major metropolitan area you may want to look for Arabic bakeries there.
You may also want to experiment with the thinkness/runniness of the foul before you decide how you like it. This may take a few attempts.
Once you get used to making the foul you will find that it takes very little time to make.
It tastes a whole lot better than it sounds.

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This is scrumptious! I was a little put off by the name when I first came across this recipe, I have to admit, but it is not foul in the least!

I didn't have the pickled fava beans, so I just used canned fava beans (rinsed) and cooked them in some water and olive oil, mashing to get that 'refried bean' texture. After that was done I added copius amounts of lemon juice and grated garlic. The only mistake was I added the olive oil to the mixture instead of pouring it on top - but it is still wonderful.

I think it's almost like a Mediterranean Fava Humus, and so Ive been dipping my veggies into it instead of flatbread :) Will DEFINITELY be making this again, except I might add some cumin or other such humus-like spices. Thank you for the recipe ;)b

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