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Salsa by Shish

What you need: 

1 large can of stewed whole tomatoes (Hunts brand, or any organic stewed whole tomatoes)
1-2 stalks of fresh celery
1-2 green onions (use entire onion)
1/2-1 red pepper
1-5 jalepano pepper ( or, any other hot peppers) I use 2 peppers, which gives the salsa a nice bite a handful of fresh cilantro leaves (no stems)
Spices: lots of fresh ground pepper, cumin, Lawrys season salt (or, regular salt), pinch of sugar (only if the salsa gets too hot), and a dash of lemon juice (although not necessary). Add and adjust the spices according to your own tastes.

What you do: 

DIRECTIONS: In a blender combine jalepanoes, cilantro, and whole tomatoes. Blend until a bit smooth. Chop the green onions, red pepper, and celery up. Pour blended tomato mixture in a bowl with the chopped veggies. Stir. Start to add spices, according to your own taste preferences. Try to use fresh veggies, the recipe turns out better. Eat it right away, or refrigerate to let the hot peppers do their work:-)
VARIATION: Chunky-style, instead of blending the tomato mixture...chop everything up.
SERVINGS: You can make as much, or as little as is needed by varying the amount of veggies chopped and canned tomatoes used. One large can of tomatoes will make approximately 1/2 gallon of salsa.
COST: Approximately $3.00 for a 1/2 gallon of salsa, depending on the prices of vegetables and such in your area.
TIME TO PREPARE: Approximately 3 minutes.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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