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Reishi Iced Mocha

What you need: 

Reishi tea:
4 cups water
handful reishi pieces, broken into small pieces Reishi iced mocha:
1 cup reishi tea
1 frozen banana
1 heaping tablespoon cacao powder
1/2 tablespoon mesquite powder
2 teaspoons coconut oil/butter
2-3 ice cubes
drizzle of agave/coconut nectar, to taste

What you do: 

1. To make tea, combine water and reishi pieces in pot. Bring to a boil then lower to simmer/medium, and simmer for 2 hours. You may need to add more water throughout the ismmering if it evaporates too much. Alternatively you can use a powder extract or tincture and simply combine it with water.
2. For iced mocha, combine all ingredients in a blender.
3. Blend until thoroughly combined.
Enjoy as an alternative to coffee!
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Source of recipe: Good thing I don't have a coffee drinking problem, but if I did, I'd probably drink this to substitute for the full bodied coffee taste everyone seems to love. I was introduced to reishi maybe a month or two ago and I ordered some whole dried pieces of it online. What I didn't realize was that you have to extract it somehow via tea or buy the already extracted powder. It doesn't matter how you take reishi, the point is that you're taking one of the most beneficial and revered herbs in chinese medicine. Reishi is amazingly balancing physically, mentally and emotionally. From my own experience taking reishi, I've noticed an increase in my ability to focus my energy as well as an overall sense of calm. If you feel unbalanced in any way, reishi may be able to help! If you've ever made reishi tea, the first thing you notice when you drink it is: bitter! In order to subside some of the bitterness, I created this drink.

Preparation Time: 
6 minutes, Cooking time: 0 minutes
Cooking Time: 
0 minutes
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