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Red-Green Super Juice

What you need: 

4 to 5 stalks celery
5 to 6 large sized leaves of rainbow chard, with stems
1 medium-large cucumber, peel on
1 small apple, peel on
1 small beet
one-inch piece of ginger root (optional, for a kick!)

What you do: 

1) Wash all veggies and the apple. Cut into suitable sized pieces for your particular juicer and juice.
Alternate between the greens & the firmer veggies to be nice to your juicer & get the pulp moving through faster. Juice the beet last! ('cause it's prettier that way.)
Greens can be difficult to juice, but I just fold the Chard in half and then roll it, which makes it feed through real smooth-like. This juice will foam up a bit. Give the whole concoction a good stir to incorporate the foam, then skim off the extra.
I like this recipe with or without the ginger, but the ginger's nice and warming on cold mornings for us raw foodies who miss hot breakfast items. :P
You can use spinach, collards, or kale in place of the chard. It tastes about the same w/ spinach, but the collards & kale can make it taste a little stronger of greens.
This juice is SUCH a great color!
Source of recipe: This recipe was an adventure in greens-for-breakfast. I came up with this recipe.

Preparation Time: 
5 to10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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I love this juice!!!!!

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