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Quick and Easy Samosas

What you need: 

a bunch of dumpling wrappers (found at Asian food stores)
1 tablespoon curry paste or curry powder (as much as you like)
frozen peas (I did 1/2 package)
chopped onions (I used 1/2 a medium)
1 large potato (or more if you love them)
chick peas
add any veggies you want, soo flexible again
1 1/2 to 2 cups oil

What you do: 

In a big pot boil some water. Put in the frozen peas, chopped onions, chopped potatoes (smaller the better) and the other veggies you want.
When they are all cooked, drain the water until it is 1/2 filled within the veggies, add the curry paste and let boil. The mixture should get rather thick. If too thick add some water.
Let the mixture cool for a bit and mash it all up, smoother is better but a little veggie chunks is good too.
Take the dumpling wrappers and with your finger spread water on the outside of the wrapper. In the middle put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of the veggie mixture and fold the wrapper in half. Pinch the edges and set aside.
Make as many of these as wanted/desired.
Heat a deep dish skillet with oil and when almost like a deep fryer. Put in the Samosas/dumplings and fry to as brown as you want them.
Drain them of the oil on a wire rack, (I sit my rack on top of the pan so I don't waste any oil).
Eat hot or warm with any sauce that hits your mind.
Ive been doing soy sauce lately...hmmm

Preparation Time: 
45 mins
Cooking Time: 
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