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Peanut and Smart Bacon Sandwich

What you need: 

approx. 6tablespoon natural unsalted peanut butter
3 strips of SMART BACON cooked in soy oil till crisp
2 slices white bread toasted
1 favorite plate
1 really good glass of soy milk to wash it down :)

What you do: 

Cook the SMART BACON in a frying pan in some soy oil turning until it is crisp.
While doing this toast the 2 slices of vegan bread.
Get out the peanut butter!
Lay out the 2 slices of vegan bread on the plate and put peanut butter on both slices of vegan bread. Dont leave any spaces :)
Put the now cooked SMART BACON strips on one slice of vegan bread.
Put other slice on top.
Pour a glass of soy milk and enjoy!
I personally like the crunchy texture of the SMART BACON against the gooy texture of the peanut butter. Not to mention....I think it tastes great!

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


yes, it is. I purchased it at a wal-mart and the vegan symbol was on the box, as was all of the ingredients. It actually tastes pretty much like the real deal. I make "BLT"s all the time with it!


Is smart bacon vegan?

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