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My Easy Fettucini Alfredo

What you need: 

1 pack of spaghetti
vegan cheese (I like Heart to many kinds as you want)
dry basil pieces that you can sprinkle (get in any grocery)
tomato sauce (optional)
soy milk (optional)
olive oil (actually its also just adds really nice flavor and texture)
vegan cream cheese (optional)
cheese Grater!
Italian bread

What you do: 

1) Boil the spaghetti, add a drop of olive oil right after you drain, and put it into container
2) Throw desired hot spaghetti in bowl (try not to hit anyone).
3) Passionately grate Heart to Heart vegan cheese (whatever you want..chedder and mozerella....nacho and mozerella...etc.) on top. Mix together.
4) Shove the Italian bread in an oven or toaster oven and toast it!
Viola !!!! (believe it or not it tastes great at this point as it is). Enjoy with delight (and eat it slowly savoring every cheesy goodness and sop up the sauce with bread);]
Optional: add some vegan cream vegan cheese, a little soy milk, basil, tomato sauce, whatever.

Preparation Time: 
20 min
Cooking Time: 
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The recipe sounds good, but it would be even nicer if you had rough measurements, so I know how much of each to use. And I am adding broccoli. :) I love broccoli in pasta.

I am trying this recipe tonight, while my family eats hamburger helper, ;)

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