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Moms Cabbage Soup

What you need: 

2 (20 ounce) cans tomato sauce
1 (16 ounce) can vegan vegetable juice
2 large heads green cabbage, chopped
salt, to taste

What you do: 

1. In a very large pot, combine all ingredients.
2. Slow cook over at least a 4 hour period. Contents will cook down.
3. The slower and longer this cooks, the better the flavor is. This can also be slow cooked in a crockpot over night.
This is a great soup, or mom used to put it over mashed potatoes when I was a little girl. Loaded with Vitamin C, this soup is great in the winter to help fight the cold and flu season.

Preparation Time: 
30 min
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I made this today. And it was actually really good. It was very yummy over potatoes. i actually used only 1 1/2 heads of cabbage, but wish i used the full 2 heads. The cabbage will significantly shrink even though it seems like there is so much. Thank you for the recipe :-)


;)b  This soup is definitely a keeper!  I made some changes to the ingredient list.  I used a bag of coleslaw mix with cabbage/carrot, one can of organic tomato sauce, and 2 Tbsp. of Basil,oregano, garlic tomato paste stirred in during the end of the cooking process.  The secret to making this taste like you took a long time to make it is to let it simmer for about an hour.  I also added garlic, minced onions, dried parsley, black pepper, Bragg's Aminos to the mix.  Try this with rosemary garlic breadsticks (Alessi brand)! Thanks!


SO good. I made 1/4 recipe with a half head of cabbage, 32-oz bottle of organic low-sodium veggie juice (minus a bit that I drank) and a 14-oz can of salt-free tomatoes. I added a little veggie stock as it was cooking--eyeballed it. (I also added some to the leftovers). Only seasonings I needed were plenty of pepper, onion powder and some spike.


So, so good over potaoes.  This has definitely become a new staple.  Plus, it's a good base for other recipes - I used the leftovers to make a Cajun okra stew and everyone LOVED it!


I love this soup, it is so easy and fat free!  I added celery and cilantro this time.  But it could be made so many it


Sorry to be the odd one out, but I thought that this recipe was awful.
I followed it exactly and it ended up really thick and not soup like at all.  I tried adding a bit more water to try and sort this out.  I think maybe the vagueness of the quantities didn't help.  In the states there maybe standard 'large' cans of stuff, but I didn't know what to use here in the UK as equivalents.
It ended up really bland and for some reason actually made me gag when I was eating it!  I ended up throwing it away, something I would never normally do.  :(


Oops, I forgot to add that I put in some corn for color too!  :)


I had to improvise with this recipe, but it turned out FANTASTIC!  :D (All organic) I used one head of cabbage, three 8 oz. cans of tomato sauce, and a 46 oz. bottle of tomato juice. After throwing in the cabbage, some cut up baby carrots, celery, and left over green onion I had to add some more liquid. All I had was tomato paste so I whisked the paste with some unflavored soy milk to make about 3 1/2 cups and dumped that in too. I seasoned to taste with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and celery salt. It turned out creamy and oh so good!! I topped it with a dollop of toffuti sour cream and some sprinkles of parsley. This is going into the rotation! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  :D

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I just made this again and boy!  Is it good! 

This is just the nicest winter warmer-upper.  Mmm.  I've used leftovers to make outstanding minestrone, too (added cooked beans, onions & peppers, spinach, and noodles), but it's good just as it is.


Mmm...  This was really good with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.



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