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Midday fry up!

What you need: 


Kidney beans (if you want).




2-3 Mushrooms




Bread or cracker bread.








What you do: 

This is an unconventional cooking method but...It is the most simple fast tasty meal I have found so far. Fry 2 or 3 mushrooms until they are a little golden (in a little sunflower margarine or whatever oil you want but only put a bit in). When they are half way done add your olives to the frying pan. Lightly fry them then just before you take both out add cut up avacado to the mix for about 1-2 minutes. Don't mash it in just let it warm up a little. 

 Add your cucumber on the side along with your bread or cracker bread. Use as much or as little of the ingredients as you like. You can also add kidney beans to the frying pan. I often do and they fry nicely.

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