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Makeshift Lasagna

What you need: 

bite-size pasta, of your choice, 2 oz per serving (about 2/3 of a cup) (I like whole wheat penne)
firm silken tofu, 1/2 a block (170g) per serving ( i use the kind in the aseptically sealed cardboard boxes... brand rhymes with tori-fu ;-) )
spaghetti sauce of your choice, 3/4 cup per serving ( recently tried Hunt's zesty/spicy or something like that and it was really good.. and on sale!)
sriracha (sounds weird, but really, really good, with any pasta.. or anything in general.. it's just really amazing.)
squeeze of lemon juice
freshly ground black pepper (or ground pepper from a tin, if you must)
whatever else sounds good!

What you do: 

Don't be daunted by the long list of ingredients, only the first three are mandatory, the rest is just what you feel like and have on hand.
Cook the pasta according to directions on box (boil water, put pasta in, return to boil for x minutes, drain).
Heat spaghetti sauce, if desired. while pasta is cooking.
Go ahead and open up your little box of tofu and drain out the water.

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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oh noes! you're right, the directions got cut off somehow!!!

um. erhm. let's pick up where we left off, eh?

put the pasta in a large bowl, put in the block of tofu and pour over the spaghetti sauce; mash the tofu with a fork and mix it all in with the sauce and pasta, mix in the rest of the ingredients and ta-da! instant leftover vegan lasagna (sort of...)

It's a nice filling meal, cheap and pretty well balanced; usually i'd make two servings and save one for later. I made this a lot when I was paying close attention to what I was eating (both caloric intake and carb/protein/fat balance) because it worked out very nicely and was very satisfying.


ee is it just my computer or are the rest of the directions missing?

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