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Kidney Bean and Rice Nachos

What you need: 

1 large green pepper
1 large red pepper
½ red onion
2 cups Instant rice
1 can spicy tomato soup (condensed)
1 can red kidney beans
salt pepper and spices
vegan cheddar cheese (optional)
1 bag of tortilla chips

What you do: 

Prepare instant rice as per directions using can of soup and one additional can of water and equal parts rice. This should give you rice infused with tomato soup.
Chop all veggies into nacho-topping size and stir fry together until cooked but still slightly crunchy.
Add tomato rice to veggie mix and stir fry together until heated through.
Spread mix over the top of nachos on a plate. If using cheese, top with cheese and broil until melted.

Preparation Time: 
15 mins
Cooking Time: 
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