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Kale Chips--a.k.a Seriously Addictive Snack!

What you need: 

1-2 big bunches kale, leaves chopped to chip sized pieces
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon oil
coarse salt, to taste
1-2 tablespoons favorite seasoning blend (we love hot and spicy Spike)

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Spread kale onto baking sheet. Pour the apple cider vinegar, oil and seasoning onto kale. Mix to coat all pieces.
3. Bake for 10 minutes or until crispy. Serve immediately!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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I loved these!  The family not so much...but I think it is a yummers way to get your kale in!!


Whoa, careful not to use too much oil.  Mine were soggy even with double the cooking time.  But totally my fault.  The ones that weren't soggy were fun to eat, very strange but good!


These were GREAT! (But then again, I love kale--I can eat it raw and not be bothered by its bitterness). I mixed the oil, vinegar, and salt together in a bowl and tossed the kale in there before putting it onto the cooking sheets--i thought it helped it to get all coated. I love salt and vinegar chips, so that was a nice combo here too. I would love to try different potato chip-y flavorings with these...

Regarding the issues people had with uneven cooking--i only cooked one serving (.5 bunch kale), and I found that I needed a medium square cookie sheet and a smaller round pan (like one you would make pizza on) to fit all of the kale. I can only imagine if I did all of the kale! The cookie sheet was really crowded, and where pieces were toucing or overlapped they didn't cook well. The pizza pan was less crowded and it came out perfectly the first time. Bottom line--use lots of pans, or cook in batches, but try to keep it to just one layer of kale. Also, definitely make sure that the big vein is cut off of the kale--i was a little sloppy about getting the whole vein out of all of the leaves, and the pieces that had it left in were much soggier.


I work at a Natural Foods Store in California and we sell these kale chips like crazy. They are made by a lady that brings them in and they sell for 8 bucks a pop. ( and they are only a 3.5oz bag. She makes three flavors Teriyaki, Thai curry, and Cheddar. The Cheddar ones go insanely fast. I have yet to try them because of how expensive they are..but maybe I will try this recipe instead :) thanks!


This were awesome! I washed/dried my kale (using my salad spinner) and then moved to a large bowl after tearing into pieces. My mixture I doubled b/c I had about two batches worth...and I mixed olive oil, tamari sauce, and acv with some sea salt, pepper, and veggie salt with the kale. In doing it again i will add some nutr'l yeast to give an added nutrient punch of B12 to it all. Once I mixed I added one more slight dash just in case the mixture did not sift entirely through. 10 mins later my first batch was done!!! Upon looking at them i was not sure how they would taste BUT they are sooooo addictive!!

Note: if you can get mentally beyond the idea of a "potato" chip then oyu are good..they are light, crispy and very nutrituously green alternative. Thanks to the original poster!!!  ;D


I don't think these tasted like potato chips, but they were crunchy and tasty all the same. It definitely helps to tear the kale up into pretty uniform, small pieces. I added cayenne and black pepper to mine.

At first I thought, "meh," but then before I knew it, I had eaten the whole head of chip form. They grew on me.


Okay, not quite like potato chips on the first try. I used way too much vinegar and salt. I have more Kale so I'm going to try again with just some garlic salt and less of the oil/vinegar mixture. I baked one batch on a cookie sheet. I baked the other on a broiler pan (with the slotted top). The latter came out better than the former, crispier and greener. I'll post again after the next batch!


Could my never have eaten kale before been why I thought it was quite gross?

Probably... some people don't like Kale because they find it bitter. 

I have to admit, I've tried this recipe several times, and although I like the pieces that come out crunchy, I find its REALLY hard to get them to turn all to turn out crispy with out cooking them for a lot longer...  usually 2/3 of them are soggy, which is gross.  Then when I cook them for longer I find a lot of them get burned.  So, I must be doing something wrong too...


Oh my, I dont know what I did wrong. I made them just as the recipe said and I could not stand them. Did I do something wrong? Could my never have eaten kale before been why I thought it was quite gross?


;)b  These are SOOO good!  I haven't had a big problem with soggy ones (I cook them about 8 minutes, then flip them and do 8 more) but if you have a dehydrater, that should make them all uniformly crisp (and they look a little better too, more 'green').  After washing & drying the kale & doing the vinegar/oi/salt in a bowl, I put them in for about 6 hours (only has on-off, so I don't know the temp).  But that might solve the soggy/uneven flavor problems -- at least it does for me.  1/2 a bunch takes up 2 trays. 



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