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Insanely Quick and Easy Garlic Bread

What you need: 

bread or rolls
olive oil
garlic salt
basil or oregano (dried)

What you do: 

Get a few slices of your favourite bread, hamburger rolls, or dinner rolls. Brush the bread with olive oil. Add a couple dashes of garlic salt (or if you don't have any: equal parts garlic powder and salt), and a few pinches of basil and / or oregano. Set your (convection or conventional) oven to BROILER. Bake for approximately two minutes, or until oil-ed side of bread turns light brown and remove immediately.
*NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE THE ROOM WHILE MAKING THIS. The bread browns VERY fast, and must be removed right away or it will burn. Keep an eye on it!
Serve with your favourite pasta or soup and enjoy. :)

Preparation Time: 
1 minute
Cooking Time: 


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