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Humm Soup for One (or Two)

What you need: 

1 can organic garbanzo beans
organic toasted Tahini (sesame paste)
1 organic lemon (juice)
1 or 2 cloves of garlic (organic if you have access to)
fresh organic parsley - chopped fine
sea salt - if needed
freshly ground black pepper
organic extra virgin olive oil (for flavor) the darker the oil the better the taste!

What you do: 

Use vegan and organic ingredients whenever possible! I do not usually use teaspoons and tablespoon measurements in cooking. I use taste and texture to tell me what is right - especially in soups and stews! Use your senses here!
I was hungry for hummus but had no time to make it; so decided to make a hummus "soup."
Open the can of beans into a small pot and put on medium high heat on the stove. Allow contents to simmer and liquid contents to boil down to about half of original volume. Watch the pot, this happens quickly!
Stir in approximately 1 very generous spoonful of Tahini into beans and stir until you are confident there will be no lumps. Turn off heat.
Cut lemon into two halves. Squeeze lemon juice into pot. Notice how the bean juice seems to curdle? This is what you want, stir pot until juice is smooth.
If you love garlic and all its wonderful medicinal properties take 2 cloves and mince fine and throw into pot, if your "constitution" runs a bit more to the conservative, run a bit of garlic through a garlic press straight into the pot.
Add the FINELY chopped parsely to taste.
Add the other spices and taste. If it doesn't need salt, do not add any. Is it too thick? Add a little spring water and stir smooth.
Put soup into serving bowl and float a spoonful (?) of organic extra virgin olive oil on top of soup (remember about olive oil; the light olive oil can be used for cooking, just watch it closely. (The darker oils are used for flavoring, for breads, salads and soups).
If this meal is to be shared, make a scrumptious green salad and serve with toasted whole wheat pita bread and more extra virgin olive oil.
If you have spent the evening out and come home hungry just throw this together and rip into this with that toasted pita and some sliced cucumber with a piece of fruit for dessert.
If I don't have fresh parsley I use the dehydrated parsley from my garden, or I skip it.
With practice this soup can be made in less than 15 minutes. Who says we can't have fast food?

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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Hi! Yes I do leave the Garbanzo's completey whole in this recipe.  It gives the soup substance and it really gives your tummy something to "work" on.  Try it, I think you'll be pleasantly pleased.  Thank you for your attention!  Happy Winter Solstice!  This soup will help warm you up when you come in from the cold!


Do you leave the garbanzos whole? 

This looks terrific for a cold night when I'm feeling hungry and like eating something quick.  I do sometimes use leftover home-made hummus to make soup, but I like the idea of doing this from scratch!

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