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Green Tea Frappucinoooooooo

What you need: 

2/3-1 cup soymilk
2 T or to taste- vanilla syrup or agave
1 1/2 tsp Matcha green tea powder
2 T vegan creamer or whipped cream
1-2 cups ice

What you do: 

Combine tea powder in 4 oz. warm water with whisk (not entirely necessary, but it makes it faster)until it has dissolved completely and there are no lumps. If you want to eliminate the etxra liquid, warm the 2/3 c. of soymilk and combine the matcha in that.
Add all ingredients to blender, including mixed matcha. Blend until smooth. taste amazingness. It's exactly like green tea frappucinos from Starbucks, as I remember.

Preparation Time: 
1 minute
Cooking Time: 
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