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Great Black Bean Soup

What you need: 

1 large can black beans (drained)
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 small red bell pepper, chopped
1 small white onion, chopped
3 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
2 jalapeno peppers sliced (less if you don't like it so spicy)
1 carrot, sliced
1/2 cup corn kernels (frozen is better, but canned is good too)
any other vegetable you would like
olive oil

What you do: 

In a medium sized frying pan saute jalapeno and garlic in olive oil. Toss in a good sized pinch of oregano. Saute until slightly soft. In a blender throw in the can of tomatoes, garlic and jalapeno, blend until liquefied. Back in the frying pan saute red pepper, onion, and carrot.
In a sauce pan put in drained beans, and tomato mixture. When that begins to boil add the red pepper and onion, then throw in the corn.
After the soup had been simmering a while, I took about a cup of the soup and blended it to give it a smoother texture, this is optional. You can serve it as a soup, or with rice, or burrito filling.

Preparation Time: 
30 min
Cooking Time: 
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