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Fried Tofu Breakfast Sandwich

What you need: 

vegetable oil
1 slab of firm tofu, cut 1/2" thick diagonally
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
pinch garlic powder (optional)
pinch nutritional yeast flakes (optional)
pinch turmeric (optional)
pinch veggie chicken-style broth powder (optional)
1 slice vegan cheese
1 strip vegan bacon, fried and halved
1 English muffin, halved and toasted

What you do: 

1. Heat oil in a griddle or skillet to around 350 to 400 degrees F. Add tofu (if using a skillet you will have to watch that the tofu does not burn) and fry the tofu until it's good and toasted and then turn over.
2. When the tofu is well toasted on each side and you can see that it has decreased in thickness, add the salt and pepper and the optional seasonings. Put a slice of veggiecheese on top of that and cover with a small sauce pan lid or a piece of foil to allow the veggie cheese to melt.
3. When the veggie cheese has melted, place each half of the fried vegan bacon on top of the melted cheese.
4. Top with one half of the toasted English muffin and then lift it off the griddle or skillet and onto the other half of the muffin. Serve
Source of recipe: Just something I fix when I want something besides cereal in the morning.

Preparation Time: 
minimal , Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
15 to 20 minutes


This might be great for any kind of sauce. I love to eat this in breakfast, and I am entering into the restaurant ordering this kind of food. These are how many foods I eat. However, in this fried tofu, I am satisfied.


Ooh, this sounds so good!


I've had this everyday since Saturday lol. It's really good!!!!

I make a tofu marinade with nooch, garlic & onion powder, dijon, tumeric, water, and vinegar. I use a good amount of Vegenaise instead of cheese, a few slices of tomato, and a some LightLife Smart Bacon strips.

Very filling and YUUUUUM!!!



Yum! I love a heary breakfast sammy. I wish I could find something like this in a fast food restaurant.

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