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Extending One Package of Miso Soup

What you need: 

1 package Kikkoman Tofu Miso Soup (the powdered stuff)
1 extra-large vegetable bouillon cube
a lot of water (4 or 5ish cups??? I don't always measure)
1 onion
some garlic
1 largish potato
other veggies good in soup: carrots, mushrooms, celery...

What you do: 

This is really good when you want a lot of soup but only have one package on the Kikkoman stuff.
Put water into soup pot thing and add miso soup package and bouillon cube.
Chop potato and put into pot and turn on the stove.
Add chopped onion (I do half circles and then cut those in half again), crushed garlic and any other veggies you want.
Continue to cook until all the veggies are tender.
Nutrition stuff: entire recipe (without optional veggies): has about 250 calories and very little fat (just depends on your veggie cube). I suppose you could add noodles or something, but yeah...

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


I used to LOVE Kikkoman's tofu miso soup packets......until I discovered that one of the ingredients, powdered bonita, is actually FISH.

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