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Easy Fast Vegan Twice Baked Potatoes

What you need: 

1 large baking potato
2 tablespoons vegan sour cream (e.g., Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream)
2 tablespoons grated vegan cheddar cheese, plus extra for garnish
pinch chives
pinch salt
pinch pepper

What you do: 

1. Poke holes in potato and microwave on high for 5 minutes, then let cool until comfortable to handle.
2. Cut potato in half, lengthwise. Leaving the skin intact, scoop out potato pulp and transfer to bowl.
3. To the bowl, add sour cream, cheese, chives, salt, and pepper. Mix thoroughly.
4. Scoop the potato pulp mixture into the potato skins. Sprinkle with cheese.
5. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Enjoy!
You can also add vegan bacon bits if you need a little smokey flavor. Get creative!
Source of recipe: I wrote this recipe one night after craving a baked potato with a little more taste to it. It's fast, easy, and very tasty!

Preparation Time: 
1 minute, Cooking time: 8 minutes
Cooking Time: 
8 minutes


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