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Dorm Room Peach Cobbler

What you need: 

1 can (15 oz) peaches, preferably in light syrup or natural fruit juice
1/4 cup quick oats
1/4 cup dry cereal (I used corn flakes)
1/4 cup granola
dash or two of cinnamon
1 tablespoon brown sugar, if desired

What you do: 

Mix oats and cereal, slightly crunching up cereal or breaking up large granola bits.
Put about 1/3 of cereal mixture into microwave-safe bowl or large coffee mug.
Make layer of peaches, alternate peach and cereal layers, then top it all off with remainder of cereal mixture and cinnamon/sugar.
No need to drain peaches, the liquid will help bind it all together. You may want to reserve a small amount to drizzle on top of the top cereal layer to moisten it a little, though.
Microwave on high for 2-2.5 minutes.
Let cool for at least 4 or 5 minutes, and enjoy!
I designed this recipe for the average dorm room resident or kitchen-challenged individual, hence the simple ingredients and microwave use. This is a great way to enjoy canned fruit.
If you prefer fresh, you can substitute the canned peaches with 2 fresh ones + 1/3 cup apple or pineapple juice.

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 


Holy crap this is good. <3 I was having a huge sweet craving and this hit the spot! I used Raisin Bran for my cereal and even sprinkled a little maple syrup on top. I managed to annhilate half of what I made until I felt like imploding and now it sits in the refrigerator. I plan to take down the rest tomorrow night. :) Good recipe, I'll keep this in mind when I'm in college later this year.


This is an amazing and simple recipie that I love. I used strawberry pie filling and some berry granola.  :)>>> YUM!!


*bookmarks page*
looks tastyyyy  ;D


Good stuff! I should have added more cinnamon though. Oh, it is excellent w/ some vanilla soy ice cream.



This is FANTASMIC! (and I do mean fantasmic) This is cooling as a type, but wow! I didn't know you could make cobbler in a microwave. Thank you so much... I haven't had cobbler since I started college. You won't see me going anywhere near the butter-laden mush they have at our cafeteria. This is really good though! I used all bran for the cereal because I'm trying to get in extra fiber and I added some strawberry preserves. I don't think I'll do the preserves next time, but cinnamon is definitely a must! That's what makes it so cobbler-y! I think next time I'll keep the cinnamon and do brown sugar instead of preserves. Awesome recipe!


I made this with canned pears instead of peaches. I also layered it with blueberry jam and used soymilk instead of sugar to sweten it. I used corn flakes, oatmeal and granola for the crumbly parts. It was the best thing I've made this semester, thanks for the idea.

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