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Daniel's Secret Tofu Seasoning

What you need: 

6 parts turmeric
1 part lemon pepper seasoning (with salt)
1 part granulated garlic
1 part granulated onion
1 part dehydrated shallots

What you do: 

Originally I started making this concoction to sprinkle on scrambled tofu. After I got sick of eating scrambled tofu every morning but still had a big jar of it left I started using it on all sorts of other dishes. It has since become a staple in my house and mason jars of the mix have been more than one person's Christmas gift.
In a container with a lid (I make my batches in mason jars) add the ingredients together. Close lid and shake vigorously to equally distribute everything together.
The lemon pepper seasoning I usually buy has salt in it. But sometimes I buy from the high quality specialty spice shop place that grinds their own fresh with much of any salt. If that is the case, add about 1/2 part of salt to the mixture. You could also skip the salt from the lemon pepper if you used garlic or onion salt instead of granulated versions. The key is to have enough salt in the mixture to accentuate the flavors but not enough to act as a stand-in for salt in your recipes. You can always add more to your recipe if needed.
Daniel Stringfield

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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This is a great idea to have the spices mixed and all ready to go. I have never used dehydrated shallots so I will have to try that. 

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