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Cold Cucumber,Onion and Tomato Salad

What you need: 

1 to 2 cucumbers
1 to 3 onions, depending on size
1 to 4 tomatoes, depending on preference
10 ounces vegan or homemade Italian dressing

What you do: 

1) Cut the vegetables in kind of large chunks and add them to a container with a lid. You can change the amounts of each according to your preference. I put less tomatoes in mine since one of kids doesn't really like them.
2) Pour the Italian dressing all over it, put the lid on, swish it all around really good and put it in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.
This one actually tastes better the next day, so you can make it in the morning or the day before you want to serve it, or even a couple days before and it'll be great! You can even add radishes or any other vegetable you like into it in place of something elseHope you enjoy it!
Source of recipe: One of my clients from a few years ago used to make this salad for her family.

Preparation Time: 
5 minutes
Cooking Time: 
4 to 6


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