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Coconut Almond Granola Bar Awesomeness

What you need: 

1 cup nuts, blended to powder (I used almonds)
1 cup oats
1/4 cup wheat germ
1 whole coconut, shredded (~2 cups)
1 cup turbinado sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup soymilk
1 teaspoon almond extract

What you do: 

Combine the nut powder, oats, coconut, wheat germ, salt and sugar.
Combine the soymilk and almond extract and add to the dry ingredients.
Mix thoroughly, and firmly press onto a greased cookie sheet (if you don't press it down, they will just fall apart and turn into granola).
Cook at 350F for ~25 mins then raise temp to 450F for another 10-20 mins or until golden. Let cool completely, cut into bars and enjoy!
I greased my cookie sheet with virgin coconut oil cuz it's so yummy, but you can use canola or margarine etc.. just try to avoid olive oil cuz it will give the bars a strange taste..
Also, a mix of almond, pistachio, cashew and macadamia nuts is super delicious too (although very expensive hehe ;) ).
The nuts give a lot of protein, the coconut gives a bunch of medium chain tri-glycerides, the type of fat that’s really good for you and your metabolism, and the oats and wheat germ give you fiber. Overall, these are my favorite energy/granola bars ever. They taste so good and are so good for you.

Preparation Time: 
~40 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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WOW these are amazing.  I was out of almond extract so I used vanilla and me and my husband both loved them.  I am gonna make another batch w/ the vanilla extact and then another w/ almond extract.  I  put my soy milk & vanilla extract in my blender along w/ some fibersure for just a little more fiber and blended it all together.  I also put about a tablespoon of flax seeds in my food processor w/ the almonds.  I was wondering could someone please tell me how to store these, will they be fine at room temperature or do they need to be put in the fridge? I put this batch in the fridge.

Great recipe! :)>>>


I know my mom bakes with Stevia, but it does change the wet to dry ratio of the ingredients because it's so concentrated that you only need a tiny amount.  I bet Agave would be awesome in the right proportion...


Ive heard that agave nectar doesnt alter blood sugar at all, and that brown rice syrup only alters it a little bit.. you could try those, but they are a liquid and will probably make these turn out a little different.. you may need to add a little more oats to ground nuts to balance the extra liquid-iness if you use syrups and maybe try oil and flouring the pan to make sure they dont stick.. i also know stevia is a sweet non suagr powder, but im not sure if you can bake with it.. ive always had it in tea.. anyways, good luck! i hope it turns out ok if you decide to make them.. let me know either way cuz that would be an awesome change to try out..


Any suggestions on subs for cutting down the amount of sugar in this recipe?  Sounds delicious but I want to make them for my mom who was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  She's decided to try vegetarianism to see if that helps.


These were so good.  Almost too good to be healthy!  :)>>>

They make excellent bars and I also love to throw them in a bowl with some warm soymilk for breakfast. 

I lined my tray with parchment paper and they came out perfect. 

I would definitely use fresh coconut. The first time I made them, I used crappy prepared coconut and it made them stick to the pan.  However, they tasted so good, I just scrapped off chunks the pan and ate it as cereal...

I've made these with almonds and macadamias and they were both fab!


I made this recipe again and did a few substitutions to see what the result was..

I used a smaller coconut for the whole coconut and added 1 huge carrot shredded.. also I subbed about a 3rd of the ground almond powder with sesame seeds and poppy seeds that I ground with the almonds.. ( I guess you could use flax seeds instead of sesame seeds too..).. this recipe is so fun to play around with.. there are so many flavor combos to discover :D

btw these modifications are DELICIOUS..



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