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Chiken Avo Salsa Wrap Up

What you need: 

vegan chicken strips substitute
red bell pepper-cut into strips
carrot-shredded or cut into strips
cucumber-cut into strips
greens- I use spinach and head lettuce
salsa-I use mango with added hot sauce
cilantro- optional
corn kernels-optional
1 whole wheat tortilla wrap

What you do: 

First things first. Cut up your carrots, bell pepper, tomato and cucumber-set aside.
Scoop out insides from the avocado, place in bowl, and mix with salsa, cilantro and corn kernels.
Turn your oven on to about 170 and warm up your tortilla.
While thats happening, put chicken and bell peppers in a frying pan and heat through.
Once heated, pull out your tortilla, dump on avo-salsa mixture and spread around. Top it off with carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, chicken, bell peppers and tomato. Finish it off with pepper and roll it up.
Very delish.

Preparation Time: 
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