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British Style Fish N Chips

What you need: 

1 cup flour
1 cup beer (bitter or stout)
a good sprinkling of paprika
a pinch of salt and pepper
1 pound firm tofu frozen and thawed
a whole bunch of oil
malt vinegar
frozen potato chips or 3 potatoes hewn into finger shapes

What you do: 

A couple of hours before you eat (preferably the day before) drain your tofu. Then place the block of soy matter between a couple of sheets of paper towels. Now, place a good size book top of it. What you're doing here is getting the excess moisture out of it so it can soak up the malt vinegar. Let it squeeze for an hour or so, then place the tofu into a bowl of malt vinegar and place it in the fridge. You don't really need to cover the tofu with it, but the more the better. Let it marinade for as long as you can, preferably overnight.
To make the beer batter, simply mix the equal amounts of flour and vegan beer along with the spices.
Dump a whole bunch of oil into a deep pan or wok until its about two inches deep and heat it up on a nice hot stove burner. Cook up your chips and place them in a warm oven.
While the chips are cooking take the marinated tofu out of the fridge and pat it dry. Cut it lengthwise into bars about two inches wide. When the oils real hot, dunk the tofu bars into the batter and toss em in the oil one by one. Be sure they're coated thoroughly with the batter! Dump them in the oil. You can even drizzle a little more batter on them as they float. Deep fry them until the batter turns a nice golden brown, and be careful to not let them stick together. Fish them out and place them on some more paper towels. Serve right away!

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This was really tasty.  I used soft/silken tofu instead of firm, for a softer fish-like texture, stuck a piece of nori seaweed to each piece, and after running through the beer batter, covered the "fish" in panko breadcrumbs and then fried it. Once they were fried up, I drizzled a bit of lemon juice over them as they drained on paper towels.  I also baked the fries since the fish is already bad enough being fried.  This was really really awesome! Two thumbs up!  ;)b  ;)b


this was delicious. beer battered fish is one of the things i miss the most, but this is definitily a great substitute. the tofu even had that fishy texture to it. i added some bread crumbs to my batter and it was soooo good.

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