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Beans and Rice: The BEST RECIPE

What you need: 

1 can of organic black beans (Eden, Shari Anns,etc.)
1 small onion
half of red or green pepper (whichever you prefer) (or a little of each)
half of a small (8 oz) can of Hunts Tomato sauce (Hunts is vegan)
olive oil
salt and pepper

What you do: 

1. Cut up the onion into small pieces, along with the pepper.
2. Saute in a small-medium sized pot, with some olive oil you can just drizzle enough on the onion and pepper to cover, or you can measure out in tablespoons, its according to how much oil you want to use)
3. Add at least 1/4 of salt ( I use sea salt) or more
4. Add pepper (I usually just use a pepper shaker and shake it about 10 times, sometimes more) Saute on low heat until veggies are soft
5. Add half a can of tomato sauce, followed by can of black beans. Let it come to a quick boil, then reduce heat to low or simmer. The longer you let it simmer, the more flavorful the dish. Stir occasionally.
*You can use any kind of beans, I just prefer black beans Serve with rice. Enjoy.
*This is a simple dish. You can adjust any of the ingredients according to taste!

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 
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This recipe is SO good.. Oh-ma-goodness... nom nom nom... Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!! I will be making this several times over I am sure of it..


I didn't have tomato sauce so instead I used 1/2 can of tomato paste and 1/2 a can of diced tomatoes. I used all of the liquid from the tomatoes and the black beans. I also added about 1 tbsp of fresh oregano, chopped fine. Fabulous! Thanks for the great, quick recipe! Oh, and I had some left over rice and just stirred it in with the whole thing and added some vegetable stock so it would plump up.


I used kidney beans, added a whole red pepper, and TONS of Texas Pete and used jasmine rice, and this dish was delicious!  I will DEFINITELY make it again.  :D


Really good recipe! Instead of tomato sauce I used diced tomatos with the juices and it turned out really awesome! I will definetly be making this atleast once a week and can use different veggies each time. Thanks for posting! ;)b


This was really great! Fast, easy and filling! I subbed a can of tomato paste and some water for the canned tomato as someone else did (I was out of canned tomatoes) and it worked perfectly.


OMG this is delicious!!  I used non-canned kidney beans to cut down on sodium and preservatives (pre-soaked of course), used a whole orange pepper, added cumin, and used the entire can of tomato sauce.  I also used brown rice.  This is definitely going to have to be a staple in my kitchen, YUM YUM YUM!!!


I just made this and it was very good! I added some cumin, red pepper flakes,and mushrooms, and kidney beans. I used a tomato sauce that was olive oil and garlic. I will probably add more spices next time, to give it more of a kick but it was wonderful as is!


This was good. I am against wasting half a can of anything... plus, I didn't have tomato sauce or peppers... so, I used salsa instead and didn't even need to add salt. :)


Wow! this was fantastic! I added a bit of cumin and it was wonderful! It was so easy, i think this will be a weekly dish. Yum, thanks for the recipe!  ;)b


One poor grad student + one potluck = tasty Beans and Rice.

Pros: Cheap. Tastest pretty good even with less than fancy ingredients (bulk rice, generic beans, pepper from the "ripe" bin).

Cons: Not super flavorful, takes a while to make from scratch what a little extra cash would get out of a box or from the deli bar.

Changes: I rinsed the beans first (always do), and added the hot sauce and cumin per other suggestions.



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