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BBQ Fried Tofu

What you need: 

1 block extra firm tofu/frozen and thawed cut into 8 pieces
1/2 cup bbq sauce
flour for dredging
bread crumbs or matzo meal
enough canola oil for frying

What you do: 

Heat enough oil to submerge the tofu.
To bread tofu, dip a piece of tofu into the flour to coat all sides. Then dredge in BBQ sauce and shake off (don't wipe) excess sauce. Coat tofu in bread crumbs or matzo meal, gently pressing the tofu to ensure the crumbs stick to the sauce.
When oil is ready (piece of bread test) submerge tofu. Drain on a wire rack for extra crispiness. Enjoy the yum :-).

Preparation Time: 
10 min
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


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Good recipe.  I sliced tofu and drained on paper towels for appx 15 min.  coated in a flour that I had previously mixed seasonings into then covered with bbq sauce and bread crumbs. Fried in olive oil.  Turned out nice.  Will make again:)


This sounds really good I have alot of tofu I need to cook and I cant wait to test this one, will leave comments when I do.

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