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Banana Nut "Oatmeal"

What you need: 

3 bananas
1 vanilla bean
1/2 cup walnuts
6 pitted dates
1/6 cup raisins
2 tablespoons agave nectar
2 tablespoons cinnamon
3 tablespoons cacao nibs, optional

What you do: 

1. For bananas, in food processor add the 3 bananas and vanilla bean (I normally just use a little piece) and process. If you would like it more thick, just mash the banana and vanilla bean yourself in a bowl. (will be very thick)
2. For nuts, add walnuts, dates, raisins, cinnamon, agave nectar, and cacao nibs (if using) to food processor. Process together. (This also makes a great raw crust for a raw pie filling!)
3. Mix the banana and the nut mixture together in a bowl.
This is a tasty treat, very satisfying, and is also wonderful for a dessert!
Source of recipe: I made up this recipe.

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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