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Asparagus and New Potatoes

What you need: 

10 small new potatoes, halved or quartered (bite sized)
1 large bunch asparagus, ends removed
1 lemon, juiced
vegan ranch dressing, to taste
sea salt, to taste
fresh cilantro, chopped, to taste
fresh dill, chopped, to taste

What you do: 

1. Cover potatoes with water in large wok. Boil on high heat. Test the spuds for doneness with a fork.
2. When they are nearly done, lay the asparagus on top of the potatoes and put the cover on your wok. Cook for about six minutes.
3. Pull the asparagus off the potatoes and rinse in cool water to stop the cooking process. Put them on a large serving dish.
4. Squeeze the juice over them. Serve with vegan ranch dressing. Drain the new potatoes and dress with a little sea salt. Cover with chopped fresh cilantro and a little fresh dill.'

Preparation Time: 
Cooking Time: 


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