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Animal Habitat Cleaner (cages, hutches, tanks, litter boxes etc)

What you need: 

a spray bottle
white vinegar

What you do: 

I have no set ratio except that it's more water than vinegar. Depending on the job, I use more or less vinegar.
Usually I do maybe one or two parts vinegar to three or four parts water. Sometimes, I do make it pretty strong, though (pretty close to half and half).
This is good because it isn't harmful to your animal babies and the vinegar smell doesn't stick (some animals are pretty sensitive to smells & fumes). It cleans things pretty well and is pretty cheap.
One bottle of vinegar should last you a while.
Mix ingredients into a spray bottle, spray on surfaces to be cleaned, and wipe away.
Can also be used to clean most surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and windows/mirrors.
vegan, cheap, safe!

Preparation Time: 
a minute
Cooking Time: 


And if you feel like doing a science experiment while trying to clean a surface needing something a little more abrasive, add some baking soda! It's fun to watch it fizzle.  :D

Also, for windows, try using newspaper instead of paper towels.

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