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What you need: 

1 cup Rice
1/3 cup Urad Daal
1/3 cup Chana Daal
1/3 cup Yellow Split Peas
1 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Red Chili Powder
1 (large) Onion (opt.)
1 Carrot (opt.)
1/4 cup Coconut - grated (opt.)

What you do: 

[1] Mix Rice, Chana Daal, Urad Daal, and Yellow Split Peas in a large vessel. Soak in a lot of water for about 2 hours.
[2] Grind the soaked mixture with Chili Power and salt coarsely, without adding much water.
[3] Ferment for about 3 - 4 hours, then refrigerate or freeze. In cold weather, the fermenting process might take longer, and it might be a good idea to ferment in an oven (the pilot light will keep the mixture warm).
[4] Add either onions (finely cut), carrot (grated) or coconut before preparing.
Freezing Notes:
If freezing, only ferment for about an hour. The mixture will have to left outside for a while before being ready to use.

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