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Just started a recipe blog - how do I let people know it's there?!

Hi everyone

I decided to start my own little blog of the vegan recipes I cook, mostly concentrating on things like cookies, cakes and muffins (I have an astonishingly sweet tooth!). Nothing too fancy, just my own adaptations of recipes that I think taste yummy.  I've called it All Sweetness & Light ( because I usually reduce the fat content in anything I cook, but I might change the title as goodies full of sugar aren't exactly light on the waistline!

I've only been going a couple of weeks, but it feels like I'm just talking to myself because no-one's posted any comments. On blogs I subscribe to, sometimes there are nearly 200 comments on posts that have only been up for a day! I have my blog details in my e-mail signature but other than that I don't really know how people get to know about my blog. How do people do it? Do they pay to advertise on other people's websites?

Any advice would be gratefully received - cheers.


The blog I used to have became quite popular when I started out looking for other interesting and/or related-type blogs and made comments on their blogs and that sort of broke the ice for me and my blog.  I also tried to respond in a personal way to each and every comment I received on my blog.  Don't worry, it won't take long and things will take off on your own blog if you reach out to others.  Posting here was a great idea too.

Best wishes with your blog.

Peace, love, understanding and harmony.


I'm no expert on blogs but as a newer vegan I have visited a ton of them looking for various types of recipes and I love reading blogs.  I find them so innovative, personal, and unique and I usually have more success with the recipes I try from them than I do mainstream cookbooks.  My advice would be to include the word "vegan" in your blog title or somehow include vegan in your personal interests listed on the blog.  People are usually looking for something specific when they are searching through other blogs.  Just now I typed "vegan blogs" for a google and all kinds of blogs came up, not all with vegan in their title but the word vegan is probably in some prominent place that allows it to be pulled up when someone searches the word vegan. 

I think you have a decent blog going.  I would love to try that pineapple coconut smoothy soon!  I just received my first Blendtec in the mail today and I am so excited to try it.  I will save your blog in my favorites and pass it on when I get a chance.  Good luck and hang in there!

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