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I want to know about all iphoe Application?

I want to know about all application applicable in iphone like vegweb, semses etc

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Okay. I'll bite. This is the 1st time replied to any forum or msg board. Long time lurker; first time poster. I'm a virgin, so go easy on me, okay?  I've I have an iPhone,  and here's what I have:

I only install "free" or up to $1.99. I'm cheap. I know that "Vegan with Vengeance" app is available for $9.99, but, like I stated, I'm cheap. And I can get the book free from the library. 

iVegetarian: kinda like a UrbanSpoon for the Vegetarian market.  It has the local (GPS) veggie restaurants/cafes/grocery, along with reviews and (sometimes) menus. Great for travel.

VeganSteven: does the same thing as above, but less informed and no flair. It is scheduled for the next "X'ing from my screens. Until I run out of room, I keep it just ensure that someone who happens upon my phone knows that I mean business! LOL. Actually, it's just there cuz it causes no harm and I don't need the screen space. Yet.

VeganXpress: MUST HAVE for any fast food/casual service diner. It gives you the lowdown on what is vegan for every chain! As a career restaurant manager, I don't like to dine in chains, but have worked for some. Some listed in this app, and I have to give them a "thumbs up" double time for getting it right.  I've double checked their intel, and it is ALL GOOD!

Whole Foods: Great recipe search, since they have the "on hand" feature where you can list your top 3 ingredients rotting in the fridge, plus you can run a "filter" for vegan only recipes.

VegRecipes: For Dine in or carry out. "Eating Out" takes you to the same places as iVegetrian, but "Eating In" takes you to choose a Flavor, be it Thai, Chinese, French, Mexican. ect....or you can choose between Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner....Haven't really played around with this one much. I have Vegweb, afterall...

SupremeMasterTV 1.2: This was a freebee, and it seems to have a lot of videos on it. It also has more of an "international" flair. YouTube meets Veggie meets iPhone. Can't say that I've done much with it, but it's there! Just in case I need it.

Now, on to Wine/beer/spirits, which is kinda "my home": Barnivore beware!

Is Your Wine Vegan: Yeah, it's allright. It gives green/yellow/red light on purchases, but it's NO:

VeganIsEasy: All the above, PLUS! actual emails and directives from the companies and "verification" about whether or not the alcohol is "animal junk free". And, they have a much WIDER scope on the booze. It is the app that I use when purchasing.  The other will be wasted away when I cleanse my screen.

There was talk off another app; one that "scanned" processed food and reported whether they were vegan safe. I absolutely LOVE the face that Bac~Os are, btw. Suck it up, carnis! But, alas, that app is more for European/ Australian bar codes, not US. So, I wait. I wait and I stew in lentils and Bisquick. Sprinkled in Nootch.

How'd I do? Good report? I look forward to your critique and hope to serve better in the future.



I've said it before, I'll say it again: AJ does some kick-ass veg-research! Thanks for the info, & keep up the good work!

-- iPhone coveter (aka hcm)

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