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Roll Call!

Edit.  The following intro is a bit old.  I unfortunately ended my long term relationship after nearly ten years.  Just couldn't be worked out.  I got the house and the dogs and am relatively happy now.  I finished my online RN to BSN program and am a genuine college graduate at the age of 48!!!  Woot!

Edit #2 - I finally reached the ripe old age of 50 and am feeling fabulous!  I always get the "you don't look 50" thing, and I attribute that to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I deleted my Myspace page.  I do have Facebook and love to have vegwebbers for friends. You can private message me and I'll give you my name.  Or you can find me on the vegweb fan page.

Edit #3 - Finally went vegan.  The last couple of years, I've been slowly getting there, replacing household and personal products with vegan items such as vegan soaps, candles, cleaners.  I've bought vegan shoes, belts and wallets.  I'm loving it!  Decided to let my hair go naturally grey instead of coloring it so I don't get the "you don't look 50" thing as much anymore.  LOL  I now have a desk job in the admit-transfer center and hate it hate it hate.  I just can't be stuck behind a desk, and I'm the lookout for something else.

Edit #4 - Found a position at the hospital I currnetly work on an ortho floor.  I think I'll like returning to the bedside and not a desk job.  w00t

It's been a while and I thought it might be nice to for everyone who posts here to tell a little about yourself.  I took a little sabbatical from this site (went back to eating meat for two years..........bleech), but lurked from time to time, but have been a part of this site for gee, can it be 8 or more years????  But I don't know a lot of you. 

I am a nurse.  I am a male. (yes, a person who will remain nameless called me a "she".)  I am gay.  I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last nine years with a great guy who now travels a lot. I was an ovo-lacto veg*n for about 12 years before slipping, I plead insanity.

I'm currently in an online program to go from an ADN RN to BSN RN and hope to finally graduate from college at the age of 48 next year. 

I have a very boring blog here:

You're turn.  Tell me your business!

I ran across this thread and thought I'd bump it.


Wow, I haven't seen this yet--I'm totally looking forward to reading all of your bios!!

I live east of Seattle in the foothills of the Cascades. It's gorgeous here and I love it! Love the trails, love the nature, love the Western Red Cedar forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, moss, etc. My husband always says that when I'm on the trail I become a different person--nothing bothers me--I'm in my element. I live here with my husband (a computer programmer) and my doggie and kitty. I hate to show bias toward one of my "kids," but my dog is truly my best friend. She is the absolute best--so sweet, intelligent, athletic, funny, and cute. She accompanies me most everywhere I go. Right now she just *sighed* because we haven't gone for our hike or run yet today  ;D. It's her favorite part of the day, too.

I moved here about four years ago from the Bay Area in California  :P (No offense to Californians if I complain--I lived there for twenty years, so I feel I've earned the right to complain  ;D. I was so relieved to get the hell out of that corrupt, overly-populated, tech-absorbed, astronomically expensive hell-hole. I mostly lived in Marin, north of SF, but also lived in SF itself for a number of years, and mostly worked in SF. Going any place where there is nature there feels like you're going to grand central station. I go on a hike here and sometimes I don't see a single soul (hope I don't sound *too* anti-social!). Sometimes I miss certain things about SF (the Victorians--love the Victorians, the diversity, the beautiful bay, THE FOOD, the resources, etc.), but for the most part, I'm pretty content up here in WA. I saw a bear in the back of the house today for the first time. I was enthralled. At the same time I'm a little worried for the guy. He's coming a little too close to civilization for his own good.

I was a tech writer for a number of years. I can't bear to go back to the crappy corporate world, so I've chosen to remain an unemployed writer for the time. I feel a little loser-like at times, but it sure beats sitting there in a cubicle writing, "Click this button to open the blah, blah, blah dialog box..." As probably most unemployed writers do, I'm working on a novel. It's slow going, and at this point the ultimate goal is not to get it published (though that would be nice), but to just get it FINISHED. Because it is a story that means a lot to me. It's my message to the world, so to speak...

I've been slowly transitioning from vegetarian to vegan for about two to three years. I made the decision to try to become a true vegan back in September. The definitions of vegan seem to be fuzzy to me after reading all the posts lately, but I would consider myself a vegan at this point, since I do try my very best to not have any impact on the animal world. Veganism is one of the best things that's ever happened in my life. It makes me feel whole again.

I also like watching movies, reading, traveling by car, and cooking vegan food. I'm pretty reclusive these days. One of my weaknesses is my tendency to become a loner, and do things by myself. I make a sincere effort to reach out to people I care about though.

Well, that's enough about me.


I moved here about four years ago from the Bay Area in California  :P (No offense to Californians if I complain--I lived there for twenty years, so I feel I've earned the right to complain  ;D. I was so relieved to get the hell out of that corrupt, overly-populated, tech-absorbed, astronomically expensive hell-hole. I mostly lived in Marin, north of SF, but also lived in SF itself for a number of years, and mostly worked in SF. Going any place where there is nature there feels like you're going to grand central station.

LOL! I'm not quite sick of CA yet, but you bring up some excellent points!

Please let us know right away when your book comes out.  I'm sure I'm not the only person here who would buy it!


Please let us know right away when your book comes out.  I'm sure I'm not the only person here who would buy it!

I'm not getting my hopes up about it being published. But once I finish it, I'll gladly send you guys a copy hot off of my printer.  ;D


I like reading everyone's bios...I'm 17, and I guess you could classify me as a semi-vegan. I really want to go full vegan, but I'm still recovering from anorexia, from last summer, and my dietician and doctors won't let me yet. But I only will have fat free vanilla yogurt once in a while, and then milk with the Carnation Instant Breakfast they are making me have. Anways, so I'm a semi-vegan, and I have been vegetarian for about...oh, I would say maybe 2 months? and I absolutely LOVE it!! I can't see myself ever going back to the way I was. It started from seeing this teen cookbook at the library about vegetarianism, and I picked it up to read. Then, I had to do an opinion speech for my speech class, and I did it on vegetarianism...I looked on the internet about it, and they directed me to this sight, so I've been visiting here since, maybe,....February. I am vegetarian for a number of reasons, the main ones being health and moral issues. I really researched before I did it, and I think I'm a better vegetarian than my Indian friend whose been one all her life. I can honestly say it's one of the best decisions I've made.  When I have kids, I am going to raise them veg*n, because I've realized that there are lots of healthy, yummy things to nourish the body with, that don't have to come from unhealthy, inhumane treatment.


Hi, everyone!
I'm a 31 yr old professional musician.  I sing pretty much all forms of classical music (opera, oratorio, early music, choral, etc.) and sometimes dabble in jazz.  I have a day job working for a non profit organization that promotes choral music, and I work with their teen program.  I've been a vegeterian for a little less than a year now, and I'm currently eating ovo-lacto, but I lean vegan. 
I'm originally from New Orleans, but I hail from Texas.  Now I live in the New York City area, technically, the Bronx...I work and play in Manhattan.  I'm still single and casually dating.  I don't have any kids, but I have a cool kitty named Begira...and I just bought my first car!  I haven't needed one since moving to NYC about 8 yrs ago to attend a conservatory for grad school, but since I got a new church gig far outside the city, I've really been suffering without one.  I still use public transit for the vast majority of my travels, but when I need to use the car, it makes a huge difference...hours of difference...each way!  It's tiny and blue, so I named it!  I'm really looking forward to taking some weekend road trips this summer...


Hi everyone!  I am from SC and must say I am really jealous of all you west coasters...esp you, Shaolinbunny!  I took a cross-country camping trip with my boyfriend (ex now) a few years ago.  I LOVED the West, especially the North Cascades, for the same reasons you quoted...hardly saw anyone, and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Anyway, I am 27 years old with a Masters Degree in Music History.  I currently teach elementary school music, but hope to someday get my PhD and teach Music History at the collegiate level.  I love backpacking, yoga, and reading.  I don't have any pets, because I am NEVER home!

Despite growing up in SC (with a cow farmer for a grandfather), my family ate very little meat.  I never really liked it, but we always had to eat whatever was put on the table.  Like many of you, I had an ED in high school, and I saw vegetarianism as a good way to eat less without my parents giving me crap about it.  Of course, that was a bad idea.  I quickly learned that living off salad makes one quite ill.  After 9 years of not-so-strict vegetarianism (occasional fish), I have finally learned to eat properly!!! yay!  Although, I think I became veg for the "wrong" reasons, I have since looked deeper.  Now, I am veg because I disagree with factory farms, chemicals, processing, and realized that if killing something and cleaning it grosses me out, then I probably shouldn't eat it! 

I stumbled across vegweb while looking for a recipe, a few months ago and have become quite addicted. 

So, I guess I got a little carried away...but anyway, that's me!    :)


oh, I forgot to mention...I am not vegan and don't really plan on going all the way.  I don't buy milk or eggs, but will eat things containing milk and eggs.  Cheese is my downfall.  My wish is that people would be AWARE of how they live and what they eat.  Thanks to vegweb, I have incorporated many great vegan meals into my cooking!  Now, if I could quit those d**n cigarettes... :-\


Now isn't this funny.  My name is Juanisha, I am 33 years old and a teacher in Fremont, Nebraska.  I am not a veg or Vegan.  I came to this site because of my son, but realized that I could learn a lot from it, too.  I am a single mother who is exhausted everyday, not just because I am a teacher, but because I have Lupus, Diabetes, and I am blind in one eye.  The Lupus from who knows what, the diabetes from prednisone (used to treat the Lupus), and the blindness from the Lupus.  Now, my son is really suffering from health issues related to his digestion, because of his diet.  I came on here trying to find new ways to incorporate fiber and health into what he eats.  So, I wanted to find different ways to cook soy products, so that it actually tastes good.

I read some messages about people suffering from my issues, and they had a dramatic change in their health, just by changing their eating habits.  I have always been angered when people told me that I eat too much.  That was never the issue - I just eat the wrong things.  I eat food that is working against my body.  I have a lot to learn and I guess this is just he beginning.  Because I am so tired, I usually go for quick foods, so I am hoping to find quick foods that are healthy, too. 

That's me, any help you can offer I am open to it.  Changing a lifestyle is hard...



Hi and welcome.  There's a lot of information held by this group that spans the age range and world.


I guess I did the same thing as Mizzou Kitten. I just jumped in and started commenting, no intro.
Here goes...
I'm a 27 year old female from Canada. Cape Breton Island which is almost as far east as you can get. I'm currently living in Toronto, moving to Seoul, Korea in July. I started eating veg food when I was 20 because my roommate and best friend was veg. I still ate meat occasionally but found fake meat easier to cook and store. When I was 22 my SO and I decided to try vegetarianism to "see how long we could do it". We haven't stopped yet. We went vegan a couple of monthes ago. It was surprisingly easy considering we were cheese addicts. Living in Korea the year before helped because the dairy was gross/expensive. I'm considering a masters degree in enviro studies with a focus on the connection between animal and human rights.
I've really enjoyed this site and its made the transition to veganim fun and exciting. I also love how open and understanding people are on this site. Its really hard to come by a group on the net that is so considerate of other people's beliefs. Thank you everyone, for sharing your experiences, thoughts and recipes!


Hi, Jaunisha.
I'm sorry to hear that you've had it so rough.  Even if you aren't veg*n or planning to become one, there are wonderful, healthy recipes on this site that may help you feel better.  There are some great resources available on nutrition as well.  In any case, I'm hoping you feel better soon.  Welcome!


rkegniz, welcome!  I hope you are able to find some good ideas here to help you with your and your son's health.  Please don't be shy about asking for advice.  I know there are other people here with similar issues.  You might post your own thread and put lupus and diabetes in the subject line.  I'm sure you'll get lots of friendly responses!  Good luck!


Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee and I'm 37. I've been married for almost 19 years and we have 2 beautiful kids, ages 14 and 12. We live in San Jose, but my honey commutes to S.F. for work. We are hoping to move out of this rat race asap.

I home school, which is a challenge at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. At some point, I would like to go back to school, but have no idea for what. My dream job would be to volunteer at a shelter like Best Friend's or Pasado's Safe Haven. That is where my heart lies.

We have quite the menagerie at home all very much loved and a part of our family; our "Puppers," Lily, Belle, our Katrina rescue and semi-psycho kitty, 4 turtles (Koopa, Daisy, Tootie, and Diddy), 3 snakes (Alvin, Chipmunk, and Snickers), an alligator lizard named Snap, and our kids have been caring for pillbugs for years now.

I happened upon this site accidentally a while back and not only do I love the recipes, but also the open-mindedness that is offered here. Originally, I came looking for healthy recipes for my daughter, who has many food sensitivities, which include dairy and cane. I found MORE than what I was looking for and it's been great! This site is SO informative and helpful.

I don't know what I would classify myself as quite yet. I am still making the transition to go vegetarian and at some point vegan. For me, it's about the animals and so I am trying really hard. I wish it were as easy for me as it has been for others, but I am doing the best I can and taking it a day at a time. I've incorporated as many veggie dishes as possible into our diet and have bought lots of cookbooks! My family has been very supportive and said that as long as it tastes good, they will eat it.

I love to bake and have been in a cupcake mood lately, so I broke out my VCTOtW cookbook and have been a batch about every other day! My daughter was hinting that she would like some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Well, I've rattled on enough. I hope to get to know everyone. You all seem like a great group of people. :)


I may as well introduce myself. I'm a 17-year-old girl that's still in high schoool in metro Atlanta. I'm heavily involved in music, and I love to cook. I have type one diabetes, so it helps that I'm becoming more aware of what goes into my body.

The first time I became a vegetarian I was about 13 years old. It lasted for around 2 years, when I caved and ate a chicken sandwich at band camp. At that time in my life I wanted nothing more than to fit in, and in addition to being diabetic, being a vegetarian made me stand out even more. I also was not a healthy vegetarian. I loaded my plate with everything on the table but the meat. Lots of heavy pastas and starches. Obviously that didn't work. If someone around me is trying to become a vegetarian, I'm supportive and make sure that they don't fall into the same trap that I did, in my thirteen-year-old-wisdom.

This January I decided to go veggie again. This time I'm older and more informed. I eat LOTS of veggies now. My favorite right now is grilled zucchini. I try to share my recipes with anyone who will eat what I make, but I don't want to push my beliefs on others, so I don't.

I found vegweb when somebody on another web site recommended it. It's been a great resource; everybody is so open and helpful. I really think this is one of the best boards around. Nobody will make you feel stupid or make your choices for you. I like that everyone is either informed or know where to find information.

Currently I am a vegetarian. I don't cook with milk or eggs, I don't drink straight milk, and I won't eat eggs. I still eat cheese on occasion, but I'm trying to limit. Ideally I'd like to become vegan, but right now it does not seem practical, living at home and in high school.

My summer break is about to start, and I'm really excited. I will have all day to prepare lovely dinners that my parents will probably eat.

I'm proud to be back to vegetarianism and excited to try some of the awesome recipes on this site. There are so many I don't know where to start!



Hi everyone,

I'm a 24 year old vegan out of NJ.  I finished college last year and am slowly trying to adapt myself to the working world (with limited success...haha).  I only became a vegan about two months ago.  My initial reason for it was that I had recently gone back to being vegetarian and had come to realize that I was eating cheese or eggs with almost every meal and feared for the well-being of my poor arteries.  I'm pretty health conscious (when I'm not eating chocolate), so I decided to rely on plant proteins instead.  Since I have become vegan and educated myself more about things, I am more aware that dairy is part of the whole system of meat production, not just a separate industry in itself. 

I'm not a perfect vegan by any means, but I'm doing ok, especially when it comes to food I prepare at home.  When I go out, especially to work-related/family events, I don't always do so well, and I feel kinda bad about it.  And I think I've got a LOT to learn about nutrition.  I'm always freaking out about my protein intake...

But overall, I love the lifestyle and the food.  I've noticed that most of the foods which I've sort of been iffy about since childhood are dairy/meat - I didn't like most meats or cheeses and I hated "creamy" stuff.  So I almost feel like I'm going home to the foods I naturally enjoy.  I took an instant liking to soy milk although (or maybe because) I always hated cow's milk. I actually have to stop myself from drinking it too much!

And I loooove VegWeb.  I came mostly for the recipes because they looked good and people were giving really feedback/reviews on them.  I've discovered a few that I really really enjoy already.  The boards are great too.  I've asked a few questions and have gotten some really great and helpful responses.  I also like that it's a community, but doesn't feel clique-y at all.   

Leena :)


Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee and I'm 37.

That's my name too!  :D

Welcome everyone!


Hi Everyone! My name is Aimee and I'm 37.

That's my name too! 

That's my name too! lol...well, I spell mine "Amy".

Amys are cool.  8)


Amys are cool.  8)

So true...


Hello peeps! I loooove VegWeb. I'm a recipe photo fiend.

My name is Victoria (not Victor, or Vincent or Vinnie  ;)) & I live in a very very cold (at the moment anyway) part of New South Wales. That's Australia for any of you who may, like myself, be geographically challenged. I'm vegan & have been for over 2 years, was a very flexible vegetarian for a while before I became vegan. I love how much better, as a person, veganism makes me feel & am so glad I don't contribut to animal suffering anymore.

At the moment I have a casual shop assistant job - we have only just moved & there are NO jobs, I used to work in a bookshop which I adored. I'm 25 & live with my partner, we'll have been together *thinking* 8 years this september. He is a Meat Manager. Yes you read correctly, a glorified butcher. It's very unfortunate but he was a butcher, or apprentice more like, before I was veggie & of course I hate what he does but it's his job, not mine. I cook vegan at home & he loves it.

I have 2 kiddies; Morgan, feline, boy, 4yrs & Holly, canine, girl, 10mnths.  :)

Some of you will have seen my thread about being a 'Big Fat Vegan' - I could do with losing & keeping off, hhhmmm, I think 25 - 30kgs (will HAVE to see what that is in lbs or whatever) for those of you who understand kgs I'm pretty bloody tall so I don't really look like a beach ball with arms & legs but if I'm not careful that's where I'm headed. It's all that vegan baking I do to impress people!

I love cooking & art (drawing mostly), op-shopping (uh, going to thrift stores) & have a new enthusiasm for vegetable gardening.

Myspace is ick but this is my page at Vegspace!  :D



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