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Roll Call!

Edit.  The following intro is a bit old.  I unfortunately ended my long term relationship after nearly ten years.  Just couldn't be worked out.  I got the house and the dogs and am relatively happy now.  I finished my online RN to BSN program and am a genuine college graduate at the age of 48!!!  Woot!

Edit #2 - I finally reached the ripe old age of 50 and am feeling fabulous!  I always get the "you don't look 50" thing, and I attribute that to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I deleted my Myspace page.  I do have Facebook and love to have vegwebbers for friends. You can private message me and I'll give you my name.  Or you can find me on the vegweb fan page.

Edit #3 - Finally went vegan.  The last couple of years, I've been slowly getting there, replacing household and personal products with vegan items such as vegan soaps, candles, cleaners.  I've bought vegan shoes, belts and wallets.  I'm loving it!  Decided to let my hair go naturally grey instead of coloring it so I don't get the "you don't look 50" thing as much anymore.  LOL  I now have a desk job in the admit-transfer center and hate it hate it hate.  I just can't be stuck behind a desk, and I'm the lookout for something else.

Edit #4 - Found a position at the hospital I currnetly work on an ortho floor.  I think I'll like returning to the bedside and not a desk job.  w00t

It's been a while and I thought it might be nice to for everyone who posts here to tell a little about yourself.  I took a little sabbatical from this site (went back to eating meat for two years..........bleech), but lurked from time to time, but have been a part of this site for gee, can it be 8 or more years????  But I don't know a lot of you. 

I am a nurse.  I am a male. (yes, a person who will remain nameless called me a "she".)  I am gay.  I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last nine years with a great guy who now travels a lot. I was an ovo-lacto veg*n for about 12 years before slipping, I plead insanity.

I'm currently in an online program to go from an ADN RN to BSN RN and hope to finally graduate from college at the age of 48 next year. 

I have a very boring blog here:

You're turn.  Tell me your business!

noticed some new people here and wanted to say welcome and join in!  :D


I guess I never officially introduced myself. (Just went on random commenting rampages.) So, that's being said...

I'm Beth, I live in Missouri, and I attend the University of MO-Columbia. (Mizzou.) I've been vegetarian for about 2.5 years, and vegan for 1.5.  Becoming vegan probably saved my life, because I chose to make the switch after a rocky, lengthy battle with anorexia. As I recovered, it was helpful to know the little food that I was eating was ultimately the best stuff I could get my hands on, and that I didn't need to feel guilty about any of it. So, gradually, my cooking got better, I ate more of it, and I began feeling a lot better about life in general.
That being said, now I'm a bit of a Nutrition-dork; I'm a wealth of rather random knowledge regarding anything from amino acids to zinc-absorbtion, and I'll share it with anyone who sits still long enough to listen.
I have a billion pets, and love them all. My cat ate my bird while I was away at college, and I was quite devastated... but, I suppose that's how nature works sometimes.
I love pumpkin in any format, most notably the ones that aren't pie, (though those are good too), and I'd probably briefly consider putting red pepper flakes on breakfast cereal, because they go onto pretty much all of the rest of my food. In addition to my rather high heat tolerance, I'm also pretty into sour things. Oh, and nut butters. Especially almond.
Well, that's me! Hullo everyone!


I am fairly new to vegweb; about a year ago my husband (Will) started contributing some very tasty and unusual recipes to our repertoire and I found out his secret.  He'd been lurking here for quite some time.

I am a 32 yo interior designer in North Carolina.  Will is a cabinet maker and we own our own design studio.  We are very involved in green building practices and try to practice sustainability as much as our culture allows.  This is not such an easy task.  We have the most perfect yellow lab and two cats who hate each other, but they seem to like us.

I experimented with vegetarianism in middle and high school, with only marginal support.  I realized as an adult, that my mother's inability to support that decision stemmed from a total lack of understanding of nutrition, not from any desire to see her daughter eat animals.  So for my part, it just took education and time.  I have been a vegetarian for 10 years and have considered myself vegan at various points throughout those years. 
When Will and I met, he was omni, but had been a very strict vegan for seven years prior to that, so there wasn't much converting to do.  Although, his idea of eating vegan was pretty much limited to salads and french fries. 

We love to cook and are HIGHLY experimental.  Even when we make the same meal twice, it is never really the same.  I should probably spend some time documenting the "successes", to help avoid "failures,"  but that would take the mystery out of it, wouldn't it?
I am very close to my family and there are a whole bunch of us.  Think Brady Bunch from hell.  My parents and grandparents have married and re-married so many times, I had nine (9) legitimate mother’s day cards to send out this year (sounds funny, not a joke).
I have an acerbic sense of humor and try very very hard not to offend people (perils of being raised by a night-shift ER nurse and bartending my way through grad school); please don't be afraid to call me on it if I seem insensitive or rude.  I probably really thought it was funny  ;D.



My name is Brooke and I'm from Wellington, New Zealand.
I'm 20, female and have been vegan for 5 or 6 years, and vegetarian for a year before that.

I actually found VegWeb via my omni boyfriend. He set up an RSS feed to his inbox and I only found out months later. Earlier there was a post about omni partners and while I agree that at times it really is difficult, I know how hard he works to make me happy and how much it hurts him that his diet offends me so. We've found a happy middle ground; he tastes food for me if it's suspicious, he never ate a lot of meet and tends to eat vegan meals with me, but he might have the occasional tuna toastie and eats meat when we go out. He doesn't mind me throwing away all the non-cruelty free household products and replacing his shampoo with cruelty free stuff.

Pretty much thats me. I'm a desperately in love actor-in-training.

And I love this site, it's definitely made dinner time much more interesting.


Hello everyone! I am a 20 year old vegetarian, former vegan. I was already taking iron supplements before I went vegan, and continued to take them during that time, but still became extremely iron deficient and so I brought back eggs and dairy into my diet (although no rennet and free-range eggs  - I try to be as ethical as possible). I have been disinterested in meat all my life (by age 7 my family considered me to be vegetarian) but I have only been strict for the past 5 years. My family has become limited meat-eaters over the past few years, with tofu and beans on the table instead of meat practically every night. My dad made the switch to vegetarianism a few months ago. Like many of you, I am very knowledgable about nutrition and I don't hesitate to share the information (my boyfriend and some of his family members have given up veal since I told them what it is)! Researching vegetarianism over the years has turned me into a moderate health nut...

I am currently studying psychology at at a university in Ontario, Canada, and I hope to find out in a few months whether I will accepted to law school next year! (fingers crossed) I initially became interested in law via animal rights law, but my interests have expanded to environmental law and primarily health law.

I love Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, Gala apples, overnight camp, dancing, acrobatics, jogging, kickboxing, spending time in Muskoka, reading, and lately I have become a bit of a vegweb addict.  I have lists of the recipes I am meaning to get around to (once exams are over...) On that note, back to the books!


Hi my name is Anthea and I have been veg for about 10 years. mmm lets see... I was given a pamphlet  while I was cruising around the markets in Camden London on my 25th birthday (ops that makes it 9 years) and haven't eaten meat since. I always somehow knew I would be veg but needed a conviction I guess. Since turning veg I have become interested in nutrition and health nd believe that I have a much healthier and informed diet then when I ate meat. Was never a big fan of red meat so that was no big deal but I did find not eating eggs hard to adjust to. They are in sooo many things!
I am currently living in Japan and it it a major hassle to be veg. There are no meat alternatives in the supermarkets, restaurants don't have veg options and a can of chick peas cost $3. But I have learnt to deal with it. I'm going home after the new year and can't wait to have access to veg friendly stores, cafes and restaurants. I live with my Japanese boyfriend and he has become lacto-veg too. This is no mean feat for a person of this culture. Since becoming veg and meeting me and having to share the cooking (I'm such a slave driver) he has discovered that he loves cooking! How lucky am I?! I have also discovered the joys of cooking now that I am cooking for 2 and thats how I can across VegWeb. It's such a great site and I am becoming an addict.
So yeah thats about it. Back home to Oz next year, tossing up what to do. At the moment I'm thinking about a masters in art therapy, but am also interested in naturopathy and art. so who knows.
OK so thats all for now. A big hello to everyone  :D and keep smiling


Tweety, what a great idea!  And I enjoyed reading all of your bio (took me a long time, but it was fun :)  )

My name is Ayaka.  You may have guessed from my other postings, but I am Japanese.  I am turning 24 very soon, yet I am still single  8)  As far as the "orientation" goes, I am bisexual who is almost lesbian.

I came to the US in 2001, lived in the state of NY for 2.5 years, and moved to Michigan in 2004.  I am a recent psychology graduate from Michigan State University, where I also completed the specialization program in African Studies.

Lacto-ovo veggie is how I categorize myself, but I prefer not to eat eggs and dairy. I don't drink cow's milk (I prefer soy and rice milk) nor eat regular cheese, but I eat stuffs that contains milk.  Same story for eggs too.  I don't like the idea of omlet and alike, but I do eat things that contain eggs.   My diet and life style is close to vegan, though.

In addition, I am also crazy about natural food and organic.  I hate buying things with endless list of ingredients (or chemicals).  Also, as a child, I used to live close to a field where bok choys were grown, and my entire family was totally disgusted how they grow the vegetable.  Afterward, my mother did some research and figured that it was not just bok choy, but pretty much any vegetables and fruits are grown in the same way.  My mother describes this method as "pecklling with chemicals." ::)

I commited to become vegetarian on September 24th this year (I know it is very recent).  However, I have always tried to stay away from meat as much as possible since when i was a kid.  (There used to be a chicken farm next to my grandma's house, and it totally made me feel sad while I was a child)  I had been a social omni for years.  At home I was vegetarian, but when I went out, I used to eat meat and sea food.  Socialization was the only reason why I stayed omni.

In terms of my food preference, I love "American" Japanese food, especially exotic sushi  :D.  Indian and Korean food is also my favorite.  In addition, I also like West African food.  West Africans (e.g. Ghanaian, Nigerian, etc) use a lot of fish and meat in their food, so I am stil experimenting with different kind of ingredients to replace these.

Kind of food I am good at cooking is Japanese food, curry, and West African food.  Being Japanese, I am very knowledgeable about Japanese ingredients and cooking procedures.  I have a lot of Japanese recipes in my head, but, too bad, I never measure things.  That's the only reason I don't submit many recipes. 

The purpose of my first visit to VegWeb was to search recipe for collard green.  I didn't know what collard green was  :o  but I bought it anyway from a store.  There are so many food in the US that I have never tried, but I am interested in trying these food with help of this Web.

Anyway, I am very very new to this site (registered on 10/29/06), but I already feel at home whenever I come here.  People here are so sweet.

Thank you all to be here  :D


My Myspace page is


HI...I am a 26 y/o married woman with 2 babies (that's what I call them but one is 3 y/o and the other 16 months!)  I have been a vegetarian for 5 years and am trying very hard to become a vegan.  My youngest is vegetarian and my oldest loves meat.  (Some people in my family think it's funny to give my babies meat when they watch them.)  My husband is also a meat eater but recently read my copy of Skinny Bitch and was quite disgusted and asked if I could get him a copy of The Mad Cowboy.  I am going back to school to become an RN.  I love organic gardening and yoga!  By the way I hail from southern Minnesota.


Greetings and salutations!  My name is Holly, I'm a geologist, a pagan, 43, happily divorced, and mother of one daughter (14).  I am still an omnivore, but thanks to this site, getting closer to vegetarianism everyday.  I still eat seafood, but less and less frequently.  We eat and live as organically as possible in this house, I'm in total agreement with Ayaka: "I hate buying things with endless lists of ingredients (or chemicals)".

I pour candles and make soaps and incense blends in my spare time.  I grow my own herbs, tomatoes, beans, and hot peppers: all organically and all in containers.  I'm a huge horror movie fan and I love classic rock.  I'm also a cat person: I have four kitties indoors and I feed four strays outdoors, as well as a family of possums.

It's been a pleasure learning something about everyone.


i'm bringing this up again for new visitors.


Wow! I feel like I know you all now. Great thread.

About me. I am a almost married 32 y/o female (will be married in May). I've been with my boyfriend for 5 1/2 years (living with him for 5). I've been lacto-ovo veggie for 3 years. Just recently went vegan (and trying my damnest to stay that way) for health reasons. My boyfriend is a meat eater, but very supportive of my diet choices.

My hobbies include snowboarding (eventhough I hate winter ... go figure), music (I play drums), love to cook, and martial arts.

I have been lurking on VegWeb off and on since going veggie. I didn't sign up until after I went vegan. But I found so many wonderful recipes on here. My recipe box filled up quick! Thanks guys and gals!


Hi Everyone!
My name is Mazar.... Im a girl, im very strange, pansexual, likes comic books and action movies. I have not eaten meat since i was about 11 years old. My mother and grandmother are vegetarian, as well as my other grandparents (buddhists) are vegetarian. My father is a bow hunter and I am very familiar with all kinds of flesh (squirrel, boar, muskrat, marmet etc), but I decided one day I'd had enough and I couldnt see a difference between eating my dog or a cow or a deer from the woods. I dont have a problem with others eating meat, but when i see them do it it is like watchign someone eat a handful of sand! its not food! oh well :) I eat milk and eggs from my friends cows and chickens, but not often. I do not feel it necessary to take from animals, but i will accept what they give (hare krishna philosophy)

My favorite foods are coconut and carrots. I also am real hot on buckwheat kasha and I will try to convince all of you to eat it ! Im also wickedly addicted to all kinds of pickeled things and sour Russian foods. I really enjoy making things that seem dependent on meat sausage gravy and biscuits.

I am a Professional Dominatrix (questions are okay hehe) by day, I also farm plants and I am preparing to go to school for Arabic language (hopefully one day to teach Americans to speak Arabic) I have spent much time traveling nomadically and living in-transience, now i live in a crooked little house filled with rabbits and dogs and plants (plus my lovely comrade, Yuri, famous for his "Ultra Gheto Ketchup Soup" as he calls it)

Other stuff: i really like death metal, italiano disco music, traditional gypsy music, comic books, getting tattoos, drawing pictures, and striped dogs.

Enough about me, lets hear about YOU!


I forgot to mention that ... Thanks Havenolegs. I do have a veggie garden, which is a vegetarians heaven (for me anyway).We have grown tomatoes, beans, garlic, cucumbers, peppers, bok Choy, ect. But the main veggies are tomatoes, cucumbers, and beans (oh now I can't wait until summer for a fresh cucumber and tomato salad from the garden  8) ).

As I mentioned, I love to cook. I am getting pretty good about taking any recipe (even ones with meat) and vegan'izing them. But if I get stuck, I always have VegWeb ;)

Havenolegs, I also love classic rock and some metal. But the older I get the less hard core metal I listen too.


Other stuff: i really like death metal, italiano disco music, traditional gypsy music, comic books, getting tattoos, drawing pictures, and striped dogs.

Hey, havenolegs, I'm a death metal and traditional gypsy music fan too!! Taraf De Haidouks is my new fave.

This is the first time I've seen this post, so I'll tell y'all a little about myself. I'm a native West Texan. My whole family is in the oil business, so that's why I'm a little sensitive when people talking bad about the oil business on here.

I myself am sort of a jill-of-all-trades. For a living I've done everything from sales to counseling. I'm pretty culturally diversified for a native west texan chick. I love asian food of all sorts. My taste in music is very broad too. I don't like the stuff they play on the radio for the most part. My favorite types of music are: Klezmer, traditional gypsy, Japanoise, noise rock, experimental, psychedelic, death metal, death ska,  and good old rock n roll.

I also enjoy gardening. I have a flower and herb garden, and a vegetable garden. I'm all about organic gardening. I consider my compost as my baby. I also have 2 human kids and 4 animal kids. One dog and 3 cats.

My favorite days or overcast or rainy. We have an abundance of sunshine here (too much in my opinion), so I welcome dark dreary days. When I have time, I will post more pics on my profile. Hey, man, don't be shy folks!!! Talk to me....shoot me a message or whatever.


I’m vegan for environmental, health, and ethical reasons.  I don’t have a problem with human beings eating meat.  For instance, I do not think native peoples who hunt their food now and in the past are/were immoral, unethical, or doing much harm to the environment or to their bodies (although humans have always had some effect on the environment—e.g. extinction of mega fauna in both North America and Australia may in part be due to over hunting by human hunter/gather societies many tens of thousands of years ago—but that’s a tangent). 

My problem with meat consumption is the modern industrial factory machine which affects how I think about health, ethics, and the environment.  It could be argued the same is true for plant industrial agriculture (in terms of chemicals/animal-derived fertilizers, human rights issues, GMOs, patenting of seeds, flying food around the globe at enormous environmental and economical costs…list goes on and on) and there are always some “you’re so hypocritical” arguments floating around in my head, but I have to eat something and short of going to live out in the wilderness I don’t think its possible to live a perfectly environmentally-friendly, ethically-sound, and healthful life.  You just do the best you can, and I respect anyone who self-examines their life and diet and chooses what is right for them.  All or nothing arguments don't work for me.

I'm still reading the rest of this post, but I had to quote Hopfrog because I feel the same way.

I'm a vegetarian because I was disgusted by the meat industry. I was disgusted by people disrespecting their food, especially when that food came at the cost of a helpless creature's life.

I'm not entirely vegan, but I am concious about it. I understand that the dairy and eggs I eat in desserts is just indulgent junk. 

Other than that, everything you need to know about me is in my profile. :)  Nice to meet everyone!


hi everyone!
my name is frankie, which is short for francesca. i'm fifteen and i'm vegan and i became a vegan about a year ago. i love it! being vegan has made me appreciate food so much more, and i feel better about what i eat. i love animals, and that's one of the main reasons i went vegan. i refuse to participate in anything that would cause harm to animals. i also had been going through a lot of crap in my life. my parents were getting divorced, my mom was abusive and she decided to get an abusive boyfriend too. i had started cutting and i wasn't doing good. i've always had blood sugar problems, and that certainly doesn't help anything when you're depressed. my older sister is vegan, and she told me all about it, and i started cooking and experimenting. cooking really helped relieve stress and i felt a lot better. i read all this stuff about what they do to animals in those big dairy factories and the meat industry and everything, and i decided i didn't want to be apart of it. since i went vegan, i started feeling SOOO much better, and i felt like i was actually doing something that might vaguely help the animals in this world. it's a great feeling. being vegan rocks!
i'm a lesbian, and i've known pretty much my whole life. i've had one girlfriend, and we broke up a little while ago. relationships are overrated! sex is overrated! ha.
i want to be a photographer, or maybe a vet, or a vegan chef, or maybe a surgeon, or a movie director, or a writer... uh. i honestly have no idea what i'm going to do with my life, and that doesn't bother me. i like the uncertainty; it makes things exciting.
this is my favorite vegan website ever! everyone here is so open-minded and kind and the recipes are absolutely delicious.
this is an interesting board, it's fun to read. you guys are all really cool. 8)


Hi Tygrelover!  Thank you for sharing so much about yourself.  I am impressed by your honesty.  I think you're cool too!  8)


I'm really excited to have found this community.  There's no one physically nearby that I can talk to about veg*n things.


Hello everyone!  It was great reading a little bit (or a lot) about you all!  Everytime I read a post like this, I am amazed at the diversity, openness and intelligence displayed by all of the vegwebbers (I guess that can include me too!).  ;D 

I'm a 25yr old straight married woman (to a very supportive omni)'ll be a year April 2nd!  I am in the United States Coast Guard.  I have a fraternal twin sister and an older brother and divorced parents.  I have very few extended family members, but out of them, my Nana is the most cherished.  I do love my DH's family though.  I'm an atheist and I think the closest thing I believe in might be karma and the possibility of reincarnation.  I went veggie Dec '06....for good this time.  I am transitioning into veganism; though I would classify (if I had to) myself as a strict vegetarian.  I am making the switch for a plethora of reasons; animals, health, environment.  I've also learned that I'm a victim of EDONS....I've been getting better though.  Sometimes I feel like I have to defend my choices, but then I just walk away from those that are challenging me.  They aren't worth the headache. 

I've lived in 7 different states now and there are so many more places I want to go!  I'm in Miami now (and will be for the next 4yrs).  I've been thinking of taking up Spanish again just to get by down here.  So, if anyone is in the area let me know!  No kids yet.....and the DH won't let me start rescuing until after we move into a house.  Our apt has restrictions and HUGE fees to allow animals in.  Frankly, I think people do more damage!

Regardless, I'm just a huge dork with a bad attitude and a lot of sarcasm.  Please don't let that put you off me....I really am a nice person at heart with just a sick sense of humor.  I've been a bit wounded in the past (last month counts as the past right?).  I tend to keep my guard up with people and act tougher than I actually am; even when it comes to certain members of my family.  When I do let you in, its for life and I will do (just about) anything for that friendship.  I am honest and genuine, sometimes to my detriment of not thinking before I speak. 

Despite my age, I've seen and done a lot...sometimes more than I'd care to admit to.  I think I've finally found a degree plan to suit me.  Nutrition!  I've been so enthralled with everything nutrition since becoming veg*n.  Some day (after my DH retires from the CG and we're done moving around) I'd love to open up my very own eclectic coffee shop/juice bar/vegan bakery/cafe type hang out place by the beach with fire pits and tons of comfy couches.  I sometimes think I have more ambition and dreams than I know what to do with!  But then again, I think most people do!  I like all types of music, reading (just about everything), fashion (the animal friendly kind), baking, movies, all water sports, girl's night out and nights spent in with my hubby.  I have this weird habit of sniffing my armpits to make sure they don't smell.  ::)  I sing and dance both loudly and badly, but I don't care.  I like having a good time!

Wow....sorry for the uber-long post!  I would have edited it, but I wanted everything I wrote in it! 


Oh, I like this thread!  :)

I'm 26 soon to be 27 (April 3rd).  I'm married & have a 14 month old son.  I work part time in customer service, have by bachelor's in human resources & started my MBA.  After all that, I've decided to go back to school to get my degree in nursing.  :D  haha! 

I've been vegetarian for about a year.  After i had my son, I realized that I never really enjoyed meat & it didn't make any sense to keep forcing myself to eat it.  I immediately lost a bunch of weight & felt great!!!  I stopped craving all sorts of bad things too!!!!  I've recently decided to try giving up dairy too & go vegan.  I'm finding this to be very difficult cuz everyone seems to put cheese in EVERYTHING  :o  I never noticed it before!!!!

I came to this site to find some yummy recipes & I have  :)  I have a myspace page too



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