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I'm New ~ Saying Hello


Just popping in to say hi :) I am the host of The Gourmet Vegan blog and facebook page. 

I am always looking for new friends and so please feel free to say hello.

Hope to get to know you better...



Danny :)

Welcome, Gourmet Vegan! Your blog looks incredibly delicious, I think you'll fit in great around here :)


Hello to all my fellow vegens and vegetarians,    I am brand new to this forum and I am happy to be here.  I look forward to meeting new like minded friends on this blog as I beleive that based on our teeth and our digestive system we are designed to be vegens and vegetarians.     I also posted a recipe e-book called "Asian Vegetarian Cook Book" on kindle if you would like to review the 15 recipes in it.   Question for soy products should we stay away from unfermented soy.


Hello, I am trying to get back to my old ways. I was in the sixties.

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