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BRAND NEW to this and need some Pointers!!! know the story, because I'm sure that all of us share it!  I have been struggling with making this commitment for the last 10 years!  Now its time.  I've made the commitment.  Now, I just need a few pointers on how to get started!  I have been a meat-eater for so long, I don't know where to begin?!

Tell me your experiences!  Tell me what worked for you!  Give me some pearls of wisdom, on this new way of life!

I'm new at this too!! Kinda nervous...


I agree!!  You are programed to eat meat your whole its a BIG change!!  I always had this little voice in my head, though, that was telling me that it was not right and I needed to change my diet.  I knew the reasons but kept making excuses why I should just do it later. its time!!  You have to listen to that little voice at SOME POINT, Right?!!

How is it going for you?!


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