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!No More Meat!

Last week i watched a documentory called Food Inc. and it turned my stomach and opened my eyes, as of last Monday I havent eaten meat (and am never going to again!), and this week  I am roping my boyfriend into trying a meat free week of eating, I have a few meals planned but i'm really struggling to come up with things that he himself is going to want to eat..
If you guys have any delicous recipies or tips to give me I would be very gratefull :)

Also we're not exactly loaded, so its coming up with cheap and yummy idea's that's my biggest problem.!


The cheapest way to eat healthy is to go bulk. Bulk on beans of all veriety and stock up on your filling grains and lentils

Only buy fresh or frozen veggies. Keep in mind that meat is FILLING and your body will want a larger portion of veggies grains and beans to make up for it. I have a helluva time feeding two fellas in my house. I keep them full with filling recipes.


I have to have LOTS of variety to keep them happy. So I make a meal plan at the beginning of the week and try at least one new bean or vegetable or grain in something every week to keep it new and fun!


Just experiment with different flavors and styles. Pasta, stew or filling soups, snacky foods like hummus and fresh veggies, lentil currys like dhal or cocnut curry with potatoes, sandwches featuring pre baked or broiled tofu slices-which takes like 15 mins- lots of easy recipes with lots of variety to eat.


To make a go at eating with no meat, and doing it healthy you'll need to plan a little bit. I try and find time to do prep for the next day that when I need to get to making meals I already have half the work done.


Good substitutes for meat type recipes that are easy to find:


-Sloppy Joes using lentils, or TVP, or beans

-Burgers made from beans. I like black burgers and found a recipe in the VEGANOMICON I really love.

-Eggplant Lasagna

-faux alfredo sauce for pasta using nutritional yeast and cashews

-Seitan hot wings!

-Veggie Casseroles!!


I hope this helps =)




tacos Here's one recipe thats wonderful.

tator tot casseroles

pasta casseroles

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches both being sugarless and without corn syrup.

vegan tvp chicken salad sandwiches

tvp chili


vegan chicken noodle soup

vegan seitan stew

pasta fagioli

broccoli and seitan stir fry

macaroni and cheese soooo


Pizzas without the cheese just sauce if you want. Just think of the toppings you want on.

prefried green peppers and prefried mushrooms is one idea then put on the pizza and bake it.

Pasta in general is cheap and it makes alot. It's full of protein. You can make it with olive tapenade. Top it with a ratatouille. Or you can make already cooked pasta add a couple of dabs of vegan butter microwave a little bit,

make sure the butter is covering all the pasta toss it around and then add sprinkle on vegan parmesan cheese.



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