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Chicken and Doggie

So there are wild, stray, roaming, free, whatever you want to call them, chickens, cats, dogs, goats, and cows all over Dominica.. i have this super cute chicken mama with her little babys that always stays around my front door cuz she found out she can get food from me.. i love her so much.. i named her Bahkabahk.. she had 5 little babys (but the little brown one in the first pic that is separate from the rest has disappeared, prolly to one of the cats nearby..) i feed her a mix of poppy seeds, seasame seeds, anise seeds, oats, wheat germ, rasins, cucumber, and bread crumbs... do you think that is ok?

Bahkabahk y Babies

also, there is this SUPER cute puppy that comes by and is madly in love with me.. he wiggles and licks and jumps all over me and if i sit down he will lay in my lap and just lick my neck constantly cuz i give him food and he is super super skinny, so i think he really appreciates it.. i named him Tanuki cuz he is a boy, looks like a raccoon and is a dog.. (tanukis are the japanese raccoon dogs that have HUGE balls that you rub for good luck.. well you rub the statues balls actually ahah..).. i am seriously debating on wether to tak ehim home to the US with me when we move back in Aug... there is alot of stuff we need to do like shots and other vet stuff ( i think he has mange..he is a street dog..) and i would need a dog carrier etc.. and me and my guy are really more of cat people than dog people, but this dog is so cute!.. my husband really wants a black german shepard tho and doesnt really like little dogs.. Tanuki is still young, but i doubt he will get much bigger.. I'd like to know what you all think.. :)


haha he is wagging his tail so much, and is so happy, that its blurry in the pic hehehe

I don't know anything at about chickens..your stray is so pretty with her little babies though. :) :)

By the look of Tanuki's paws he looks like he might have a lot of growing left. :o


I can't help with any of your questions, but just wanted to say how cute Tanuki is - and his blurred happy tail  :)>>>


those chickens rock and you NEED that doggy!


Not that I know, but I would THINK feeding chickens those seeds would be fine...I wouldn't think that would throw anything natural off..

If your husband agrees, and would also care and love the pup..I think he would love to be with you!


Yes, you need that puppy!  He's the cutest!  Take the chickens too if you can :)


i can't stop looking at that doggy.


Yes, maybe you could take all of them. Even if you cannot keep them yourself, Id bet the pup has loads better chances of finding a good home here. He is way too cute! If you can't bring the chickens along, do you know of someone who might take good care of them, so they wont wonder the streets? What you are feeding them seems okay. I dont know about all those seeds in particular, but if they seem to be doing okay with it... Just know chickens cannot have anything from the nightshade family. They also CANNOT have any part of a potatoe or potatoe plant, its poison to them. Chickies love fresh veggies and fruit though. My gals LOVED melon seeds, spinch, popcorn and small amounts of cooked pasta!  ^-^ make sure to give 'em plenty of clean water with the food so it does not become impacted in their crops (lower throats) Also, give mama a nice little scratch under the wings and tell her Zealia says "Hi."


:wow: omg so scary.. there is no way i can go up to bahkabahk and scratch her under her wings.. that chicken is a vicious monster! srsly.. she flares out her wings and starts screaming and tries to peck my hands when i bend down to give her food.. even when i am walking s u p e r  s l o w.. i know she is just protecting her babies, but still.. she is a mean chicken.. a cute one.. but mean none the less..  :chicken:

and i dont think i can take her and the babies back.. srsly there is a chicken every 10 feet here.. there are prolly about as many chickens as there are people and she might belong to someone.. they would never be as nice to her as i am, but they might get super pissed at me if i take their chicken.. and i dont know what i would do with her, or even if you are allowed to bring chickens back to the US.. i also dont think i could ever get close enough to her to actually pick her up and get her in a cage.. i would most likely lose a finger and an eye..

tanuki tho.. he is much easier to get back and i know all the rules that need to be done.. but i am scared that he will try to eat my kitties when i get back.. he seems ok with other animals. doesnt even look twice at the chickens, but maybe he would think kittens are food.. i still have 2 months to decide what to do tho and i will figure it out by then :)


OMG!  That puppy is the cutest!  He definitely looks like he is in love with you. :)>>>  too cute.


i still can't stop looking at the dog. i am putting him as my desktop right now (not that i will be seeing that for a few months. ha) and you should take a million more pictures, please!

also, i had a killer chicken once, so i know what you mean!


Where in the world did that dog get his ears?!  He is definately part Doberman, but something else too, something with HUGE ears. 

Wait, or is his coloration Rottweiler? 

Either way, I think he is going to grow into a pretty big dog. 

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