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i just don't know what to think about this recipe.  i love the simplicity of the ingredients and the instructions, but they just didn't turn out very good for me.  the flavor was great, b

i reviewed this recipe three years ago, and i still make this bread at least twice a month.
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this probably would have been a pretty yummy soup as is, but the cayenne sprinkled out of my container a little too fast and made this super spicy!  i added a bunch of cinnamon, extra nutmeg, and
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oh geez.  i can't believe i just ate the whole thing... well, almost!  definitely chocolate-d out for a while now!
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yuuuum!  these were pretty good!  i added some italian seasoning in the mixture before rolling them and baking.  i think i actually liked it better prior to baking (maybe as a spread),
wow!  these were so fluffy and delicious!  i only got 12 muffins...