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Sorry, I didn't mean to post the pic with the review....lol I don't know how to fix it either!
I just realized that I posted a picture of this recipe but never posted an opinion.  So here you go..hehe
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sorry I didn't see this question until now.  I am sure you have already made them at this point but for future potential cookie makers, no egg sub is necessary in this recipe.
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Seriously Delish!  I only used a spalsh of olive oil and it was still wonderful. :)>>>
nice recipe...I use carob chips (I love them :P) and pecans, only on the top because ds does not like nuts..I also left out the cocoa powder. Very moist and yummy..It was gone in an afternoon.
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I wonder if there is a mistake in the recipe. There is more shortening than flour not to mention the additional fat in the chocolate! *yikes*
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[quote author=caramelVeg link=topic=31759.msg381665#msg381665 date=1268474554]
Sounds fun and tasty... would wheat (pastry) flour substitute ok?
Very good...the gravy/sauce has a very nice flavor. ( I only used half of the marsala) I think next time I will fry the floured tofu to get it crisp on the outside though.
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I actually make something like this all the time..t'is yummy.