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Warm Quinoa Salad

What you need: 

1/2 to 1 cup (cooked) warm quinoa
2 toasted corn tortillas, torn up
1/2 cup warm (cooked) black beans
1 medium tomato, chopped
2 handfuls baby greens mix-nutty greens are delicious in this
Italian dressing

What you do: 

Put everything but dressing in a medium sized mixing bowl or similar. Drizzle on enough dressing to flavor, but not coat or drench salad. Stick your hands in and toss. Wash hands and eat.

Preparation Time: 
5 min
Cooking Time: 


The key to this seems to be using the right dressing. I used up some dressing the first time I tried it and liked it but didn't see myself making it again once I used up all the ingredients. The second day I used Seeds of Change Italian Herb and that brought it all together. This has become a summertime staple. It might seem like an odd combo but it works. :)>>>

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