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Vinegar De-lime

What you need: 

Vinegar (Any kind other than balsamic)

What you do: 

Take a rag, dip it in vinegar. Rub out the lime marks!
I work in a kitchen laden with stainless steel products. They seem to attract lime deposits from the water like nobody's business! Vinegar works better than any dangerous industrial chemical I've used.

Preparation Time: 
0 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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It worked on electrical connections in my ancient volvo. Soak connection for 60 seconds in vinegar, then 60 seconds in hydrogen peroxide, scrape off corrosion then dry thoroughly, then add wd40 to the mix, and then to protect from moisture, white bike grease.


I keep a small bottle of vinegar always. I use it for absolutely everything. One of the things I use it for, it to wipe down my bathroom three times a week, so that the weekly Saturday cleaning is super quick and easy. I spray the bathroom counters, wipe. Spray down the shower heads/ shower curtain and tub. I leave it to set, because it gets rinsed in the shower. I also spray the toilet and give it a quick swish. Takes less than three minutes, and my bathroom is always sparkly clean.

One of the first things I noticed was that by the 2nd week of doing this, my shower heads had NO lime build-up! All it took was a quick spray three times a week, and let set. AMAZING!!


This works better than any commercial cleaner I have tried.  I will never again clean my bathroom with anything else! 

My shower was particularly lime-y so I sprinkled a little bit of baking soda on there and scrubbed with a shower has never been cleaner.  And all the chrome fixtures are now sparkling!


I just de-limed an ancient showerhead by half-filling a used plastic baggie with vinegar and tying it up over the showerhead for the day (it can't be removed from the pipe).  Worked like a great.  I used the left over vinegar to de-soap-scum the tub when I was done.


Just tried this, and yep!  works like a dream...!

Thanks for the great tip!  :)

Martha Clark
Austin, TX

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