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Vegan Truffles

What you need: 

3/4 cup raw cashews
3/4 cup cold water
16 ounces vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
nuts, chopped, as needed (I used cashews)
cocoa powder, as needed

What you do: 

1. Puree the cashews and water for 1-2 minutes until they make a heavy cream consistency.
2. In a saucepan, heat the oil and melt the chocolate over medium heat until smooth, turn the heat down until the chocolate is cool enough to work with, fold in the cashew cream. Don't let it bubble!
3. Pour into a fridge friendly container and let the mixture chill until it's easy to work with, about 2 hours.
4. Form into balls and roll in nuts and cocoa powder. I used half with the chopped cashews and half with cocoa powder, refrigerate for up to two weeks.
Source of recipe: Modified an online recipe:

Preparation Time: 
10 minutes, Cooking time: 2 hours
Cooking Time: 
2 hours
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these were AWESOME! i will be making these for every special occasion! :)>>>


I made these for mother days and they were awesome! :)>>> :)>>> :)>>>


I made these with Trader Joe's UFO (mint chocolate wafers).  Also, instead of using my Vitamix for a super smooth coconut cream, I used my Magic Bullet, for a mostly smooth mixture.  It was nice that there were small bits of cashews in the chocolate mix for texture.  I got to thinking as I was adding my $4 a bag mint chocolate instead of $2.50 a bag regular chocolate chips that I could add regular chocolate and, after the mixture is removed from the heat, I could add any extract flavoring I wanted.  Chocolate raspberry truffles, anyone?

can you use any other nuts for this besides cashews? i was thinking about walnuts?

I'm not sure if cashews have more fat content or what, because they're traditionally used to make cream.  The chocolate already has the extra oil, so maybe it doesn't need too much extra fat and the walnuts would work?  If it doesn't and you really don't want to use cashews, you could also probably use coconut milk and stir in chopped walnuts.


AMAZING! This recipe introduced me to cashew cream which I new use all the time in soups and whatnot. I think I make a gazillion of these over the holidays! YUM!


Many thanks to you for the scrumptious and super easy recipe!!  I make these Truffles to take to a baby shower and they were a huge success, with
many requests for the recipe.  I followed the recipe as given with the exception of using coconut oil in place of the vegetable oil.  I rolled the balls in
finely chopped walnuts and put them in mini muffin cups to serve.  Delicious!! :)>>>


This looks great and tastes beautiful, I mucked up a little though, I think I put in too much water and the mixture is really really runny, I refrigerated it all night and I'm putting it in the freezer now.

Better luck next time for me mebe.


i've never really worked with chocolate before...  the first attempt i failed miserably!  i have a problem with not reading the recipe through and didn't add oil and my chocolate burnt. i made some chex muddy buddies with my gritty but yummy destroyed smooth chocolate...  BUT i learned a very important lesson that my room mate told me... 

you get a pan of boiling water and put a glass bowl on the top of it and put your chocolate in there and it won't burn!

the other lesson i learned... is if you do half with cocoa powder... it needs to go in a separate bag... because it taints all the other truffles...

i loved these so much i woke up in the middle of the night and ate one.

dangerous.  a love affair that i can only celebrate on special occasions for sure...


can you use any other nuts for this besides cashews? i was thinking about walnuts?

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