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Vegan Banana Pancakes

What you need: 

1 cup flour
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
dash cinnamon
2/3 cup nondairy milk (I use soy)
1/2 banana, very ripe and mashed
1 teaspoon vanilla

What you do: 

1. Mix flour, vegan sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon together.
2. In another bowl, combine all other ingredients. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir well. Add more milk if batter is too thick.
3. Cook on medium-high heat in skillet until browned on both sides.
Serve with maple syrup, icing sugar or jam.

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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My bf and I gobbled these up! This recipe is a keeper




I added a full cup of soy milk, a little more baking powder, and more than just a dash of cinnamon, and these were fantastic.  :)>>> Will definitely make them again.


These are incredible, my sis and I used chocolate soy milk and just topped them with vegan butter, perfect..thank you!!  ;)b


These were delicious, and in fact I registered so I could say so.

I also changed them a little. I dropped the salt, and I added in a spoonful of vanilla soy protein powder. I then added some more soy milk to balance the extra powder.

I topped them with banana and strawberry, and YUM!!

I think with the vanilla protein and the extra milk, plus the fruit on top, I'll be able to leave out the sugar all together next time and have it still be sweet enough.

Thanks for the recipe!

P.S. I had them with Iced Ginger Green Tea that I made from this recipe (minus the sweetener), and chilled overnight:  Went together perfectly!


This was a good recipe! My family loved this one and I am sure to use it again.


I made these this morning and they were amazing! very light and yummy. My kids loved them too. My only problem was that at first they burned and didn't cook in the middle so I lowered the heat down to 3, which is pretty low, and cooked them slower then I would my usual pancakes. They were totally worth the extra time! ;)b


These were great pancakes. Thanks for the recipe! I used lite coconut milk with some water instead of the soy milk. Yum! The recipe doesn't make very many pancakes, so next time I'm going to double it and add more baking powder to try and get them a little bit lighter.



I wanted to use almond meal because I have so much of it left over after making almond milk, so I replaced the flour entirely with almond meal. Big mistake. Obviously, I am a beginner at this whole cooking thing... the flour is necessary to keep the pancakes in one piece and not just scrambled almond meal. So, I used 1/2 almond meal, 1/2 wheat flour and replaces soy milk with almond milk. I cut out the vanilla and used less salt and a tad more sugar, and oh man, FUCKING AMAZING! the almond meal adds a slight nutty/sweet flavor and a little crunch to the cake, amazing texture and taste! I can't wait to play around with this recipe some more (other fruits, chocolate, nuts), thanks so much for posting it!


I just tried this recipe and it was great. As others have said, it needed a little more soy milk because the batter was far too thick.

I also added some semi-sweet chocolate chips to half of the batter for my husband and he loved it.
For mine- I smeared some peanut butter on top in lieu of butter and it was DELICIOUS!

I will be putting this recipe in my vegan arsenal.




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