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Toad in the Hole/Yorkshire Pudding Batter

What you need: 

1 cup self-raising flour ( or 1.5 teaspoons of baking powder, 1 cup plain flour)
1.5 quantity of egg replacer
1 cup soy milk
3 tablespoons water
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt (optional)
pepper, to taste (optional)
1 teaspoon mixed herbs (optional)

What you do: 

Preheat oven to 200 cup or 390 F. When up to temperature, put in the chosen tin for your batter. Make sure there is a reasonable amount of oil: Approx 2 teaspoons.
Sift chosen flour into a large bowl, add egg replacer but no water for it (if needed - read pack instructions). Slowly pour in the soy milk, whisking all the time. Add the water. The mixture should have the texture of pancake mix: i.e. very liquid.
Be sure to introduce air into the mixture, to help it rise (But not too much). Add herbs, salt and pepper if using. Take tin out of oven, and pour the mixture into the tin (Be careful, it's hot!). Cook for 30-40 mins until golden brown on top.
Please note: This recipe doesn't have the same consistency as batter: it is crispy on the outside and soft (almost gooey) on the inside: it is better as a toad in the hole mix.
If anyone comes up with a way to make it better for Yorkshire puddings, that would be great!

Preparation Time: 
50 min
Cooking Time: 


This is pretty much the recipe I use for yorkshire puds, but I always use baking powder AND self-raising flour, and I use soy flour for the egg replacer, and water for the milk (cos I'm cheap like that), and I can attest it makes a lovely toad in the hole. But I think it's best to make individual yorkshires in a bun tray - and put a bit of oil in each cup and heat it up in the oven. It's ready to put the mix in when a bit of batter sizzles when you drop it into the oil - I saw this on TV, so I can't take credit, but it does make them puff up nicely and go all crispy!
And remember to be careful when you check on them in the oven as sudden air movement, like opening or closing the oven door, can make them fall.

And be careful with the oil! I have almost smoked out the kitchen before.
It's good to see a trad Brit recipe up here!  ;)b


nice one ! very tasty especially enjoyed the crispness of the pudding! as close to the egg version i believe you can get, thanks! ;)b

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