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Super Easy Soda Cake

What you need: 

1 12 oz. can of soda (dark for dark cake, clear for light cake)
1 box Duncan Hines cake mix

What you do: 

Check the ingredients of the cake mix. Only 1 or 2 Duncan Hines cake mixes are vegan.
In a large bowl, mix the soda and cake mix together. Bake according to directions on box.

Preparation Time: 
5 min
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


It was a quick and easy hit! I made cupcakes for my husbands birthday. He was very pleased and so was I! Then I had him guess what I used in place of the eggs...I had no problems making this at all.


this recipe works with every box cake mix i have tried.  I have been able to find a few pillsbury box mixes that are vegan.  Just check around and you usually can find one that is.  also my sister (who isnt vegan) uses this trick simply for the fact that it cuts the fat and calories, and she said it has worked with any box mix. also in case anyone was wondering it works fine with diet soda. 


Duncan Hines USED to have many "accidentally vegan" cake mixes -- in fact, the majority of them were vegan. Less than a year ago, though, they changed distributors and now NONE of them are vegan. We even called them to find out what the deal was, and they explained that basically the new machines the mixes were processed on had been used so much for dairy that they had to list it as an "ingredient," not just as "may have traces of," for regulation purposes. If you notice, many of them list the milk as the last ingredient. So anyway, bottom line is, Duncan Hines used to have vegan cake mixes, but sadly, no more. I would use a health food store brand that caters to vegans, should work just fine (although, for the record, I have never made this recipe). Hope this helps!


well which are vegan? anyone tried this? sounds neat. vanilla cake would be good with cherry soda or a maybe a pineapple jarrito :)


i cannot find a vegan duncan heinz cake mix- have checked several grocery stores now and they all have milk or milk and eggs in them!

If you are vegan and have made this recipe please let me know which box of mix you used.

i have an all natural type "bag" of chocolate cake mix- am wondering if I can do this same idea- but don't know how much soda to put in- maybe if one of you can tell me what consistency the batter was I can try and match it. 

I really wanna try this one because it sounds so easy- thanks for your help! :)

Love and Grattitude


I think if the cake was baked ahead of time and then frozen, it would take the frosting just fine.  I'll try it at let you know (or someone else can beat me to it).


this has been a favorite recipie of mine for a long time, cause its soooo easy!  i didnt believe it would actually work until i tried it myself.  But seriously, it works and it makes a yummy light and fluffy cake.  The only thing is, frosting doesnt spread very well on the cake cause its very light.  but everyone should try this! soo easy, simple, and delicious!

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