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Speedy Stove-Roasted Veggies.

What you need: 

2 potatoes
1 red bell pepper
8 baby carrots
1 purple onion
1 yellow onion
olive oil

What you do: 

Take the two potatoes and put some slits in them, wrap them up and microwave them until soft. (About 6 minutes for a potato the size of your fist, add on a minute for another potato.)
While those are microwaving, take a pan, put enough olive oil in it to cover the bottom of the pan, and then grab your oregano and rosemary. Add about a tablespoon of dried oregano to the olive oil and a half a tablespoon of dried rosemary (if your picky, you may want to cut the rosemary pieces in half. They are a bit big).
Then, slice up a 1/4 of the red bell pepper, and cut the baby carrots into fourths for easy eating. Then slice off two thin slices of each of the onions, and add that to the olive oil. Cook them until soft, but not burned. Which should be just about when the potatoes are done cooking. When the potatoes are done, dice them up and add them to the now soft veggie mixture, cook for another minute. Serve and enjoy! :D

Preparation Time: 
15 minutes
Cooking Time: 


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