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Soy Creamy Milk

What you need: 

whole dry soybeans
optional: salt, sweetener

What you do: 

This recipe is for use with an electronic soymilk maker (the kind you put beans and water in and it makes the milk, like a SoyaJoy). If you don't have one, I don't recommend trying this unless you are a seasoned DIY stovetop style soymilk maker!
Using the measuring cup/tool that came with your machine, measure and soak two batches of soybeans in water for 8 hours or overnight.
Once the beans are soaked, put the required amount of water into your machine along with one batch (1/2 of the total soaked) beans. Turn machine on and process a batch of soymilk.
Once this batch is done, remove the machine head and empty out the bean leftovers. Pour milk into a container for storage and clean your machine. You don't need to clean the base out but you do need to clean the machine head because it will be really gunky.
Once finished, now it is time for milk making, round two! Pour the milk you just made into the pitcher and, if needed, add a little water so that the jug has enough liquid in it. Place the second batch of soaked beans into the machine's bean container and assemble unit. Turn on machine and make soymilk in the soymilk you just made. Essentially, you'll be making soymilk twice but using only one "batch" of water.
Once the second batch is finished, put milk into a container and clean your machine. I don't add anything to my milk, but many people enjoy putting a little salt and sweetener into theirs. The world is yours-- do as you wish with the milk!
I only make this for ice cream making. Others has said they find it too thick for drinking but perhaps if you find regular soymilk too thin this might be good.
Also, I want to give Bookmama mad props for all our soymilk discussions! You're fantastic!

Preparation Time: 
20 minutes
Cooking Time: 
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aww, it's so true!  ;) it does make good icecream


Thanks for the props, baypuppy. I bought my  soymilk maker based on your info about it and I tried the above recipe when you mentioned it in the Q&A. I'll repeat here what I said there. Yes, it was too thick for my taste to drink it double-processed, but bookpapa loves to use it as soy creamer. Says it's better than the commercial creamer. I'll bet it is great for making ice cream, too. Baypuppy, you're the best. ;) (Guess we have a mutual admiration society going here.)

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