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Simply Beautiful 4-layer Supreme Burrito Pie

What you need: 

4 tortillas, divided (I prefer flour)
30-40 ounces refried beans, divided
30-40 ounces salsa
2 cups romaine hearts, sliced
1 tomato, diced
2 ounces black olives

What you do: 

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F. Place 1 tortilla on the bottom of a 7 to 9" round casserole dish. This will help keep all the ingredients together when serving. Use about 3/8 of the refried beans on this bottom layer.
2. Place another tortilla on top of that. Mix the rest of the refried beans with an equal or larger amount of salsa, depending on the size of your pan and how thick you want it. Spread just enough to cover the tortilla.
3. Continue process to the 4th tortilla (which also has the beans/salsa on it). Garnish the top layer with the lettuce first in a circle around the edge. You may want to wait for this until after you bake, as the lettuce may burn.
4. Add tomatoes, then in the very center, add black olives. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.
For an even better looking casserole, garnish the edges of each layer with tomatoes, lettuce, and olives, making the layers more visible from the side, and much more colorful!

Preparation Time: 
40 minutes
Cooking Time: 
Recipe Category: 


This was great. We're not big fans of cooked lettuce, so we eliminated that. We added some mashed avocado (mixed with a squeeze of lime juice kept it from going black), after serving it. We also added some corn and peppers to the middle layer--great idea born of necessity MOPE!

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I love this recipe. The best part about it is that you can change it to match your tastes or what you have in the house. I make this all the time with different types of beans and salsas. I will include different vegetables too. It always tastes different and it always tastes good!


This really was very simple and very yummy, and it was also easy to customize it to the ingredients I had on hand. I didn't have any lettuce, olives or tomato (it's been a while since I went shopping...) so to make up for a complete lack of vegetables, I added some corn and sauteed red and green peppers to the middle layer. I also used mango salsa, which was really sweet and delicious.


I sliced some avocados on top after I baked it. Yumm!


Wow!  Looking at that picture, I would say the name of this dish is very appropriate.  I can't wait to make this. :D


This was very good. I used corn totillas. I placed one in the bottom of a round casserole dish and cut 2 more in half and placed those halves around the center one forming a flower shape(see photo) then i put the beans on top along with red pepper, jalepeno and olives and repeated the previous step. I continued to do this for the majority of the tortilla package.


Very good, very simple, and tons for left overs.  I actually made it in a square dish, and just trimmed the edges.  I also used a block of vegan cheese which I pre-melted and poured over the top layer instead.  I added onions and green peppers, as well as artichoke hearts on top.  Yummy yummy yummy.  Highly recommended for a fairly quick dinner.


:o  Made this last night for dinner, IT ROCKED MY BRAIN! hehe, My husband liked it too. ;)  Great job!

ohh, I added an extra layer of vegan cheese. yum yum
and put a but of salsa in the bottom of the dish while cooking it.  8)


This recipe was awesome!  I made it tonight, and my husband ate two plates of it!  That's what I call approval.  ;D  One thing I did differently than the recipe, though, is that I put A LOT of lettuce, tomato, and olives on the top.  I made a layer of each, actually.  It was delicious.  I will be making this again.  *5 stars!*

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